Dancing day-off
July 15 2019 12:58 AM

Vanessa Valencia Almacen

There are many things to look forward to on weekends when one can finally relax. Popular options would be going to the malls, events, libraries and museums but no matter where it is weekends are best spent with friends and family. 
A group of ordinary Filipino friends, “Tanghalang Overseas Pinoy”, make it even more special by meeting up together for extraordinary rehearsals. Soulful dances and heartfelt melodies echo into blank concrete walls with a hopeful vision of a grand theatre performance. 
They are ever ready to put their best foot forward and soon share a story with the people of Doha. 
On a weekday, those feet may be walking for a client, those hands may be pouring coffee for somebody, but on a Friday, they are for freedom, passion and grace.
– Photos and text by Vanessa Valencia Almacen, @valentsu

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