Qatar Rail has advised Doha Metro passengers to properly use seats and not to block doors when a train stops at a station.

This is the latest in a series of advisories issued by Qatar Rail on etiquette and the dos and don'ts while travelling on the Metro.

The Doha Metro has been a big draw among commuters ever since operations started on the Red Line South on May 8.

While people have hailed the service and many are using it regularly, the authorities have been tweeting guidelines – over the past few days – on proper passenger conduct.

In the latest of such posts on the dedicated Doha Metro & Lusail Tram Twitter page, Qatar Rail said on Thursday: "We want every person on the Metro to have a pleasant experience every time they travel.

“Please respect the comfort of your fellow passengers by not standing on, sleeping on, or blocking out seats on the Metro with bags."

Another tweet urged people to "please allow your fellow passengers to get off and on the train safely, by ensuring you do not obstruct the doors when the Metro stops at a station."

On Wednesday, Qatar Rail had urged passengers to be considerate while reiterating that "seats are for sitting only".

It also stressed that eating on board the Metro is strictly prohibited.

A report published in *Gulf Times recently mentioned how a number of people had noticed that some co-passengers were not aware that eating inside the train was prohibited, leaving the couch or the floor with leftover items such as potato chips.

A passengers said he saw small icons being flashed on the digital screen that food was not allowed inside the train but a woman who was feeding her daughter "was seemingly not aware of it, or maybe, just ignoring it".

A day before, Qatar Rail advised that children must remain seated during a ride and must not be allowed to stand on the seats of Metro trains at any time.

Meanwhile, Qatar Rail on Thursday reminded people about the Metrolink feeder bus service.

"Want to use the Metro but don't want to drive or take a taxi to get there? Check out Metrolink – our useful feeder bus service. Visit our website or download the app to find your route!"

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