Talks on with opposition in Norway, claims Caracas envoy
May 17 2019 12:46 AM
Venezuelan soldiers and policemen who deserted to Colombia protest after being evicted from the hotel where they were staying in Cucuta.

Reuters/DPA /Caracas

Talks are underway in Norway between Venezuela’s government and “democratic” opponents, an envoy said yesterday, in a possible search for a mediated solution following a failed uprising against President Nicolas Maduro.
“Yes, there are talks between the Bolivarian government and the democratic sectors of the opposition,” Venezuela’s ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva, Jorge Valero, told reporters, denouncing US interference.
Calling Maduro a dictator, US President Donald Trump has tightened sanctions against his government and spearheaded international recognition of opposition leader Juan Guaido who in January invoked the constitution to assume the interim presidency.
“The Venezuelan government is a dialogue-loving government,” Valero added, calling Trump a war criminal. “Unfortunately, there’s also an opposition that is warmongering, terrorist and fascist ... simply puppets of the US empire.”
Guaido, who calls Maduro’s 2018 re-election fraudulent, called for Venezuela’s military to rise up on April 30, but his push quickly petered out and the military’s top brass has since then sworn allegiance to Maduro.
Norway’s foreign ministry said its norm was not to comment on possible roles in ongoing or potential peace talks. “Norway follows the situation in Venezuela with great concern. We strongly encourage the parties to find a political and peaceful solution in order to avoid further escalation,” a ministry spokeswoman said.
Many Venezuelan opposition supporters are sceptical about mediation talks, given that past rounds have failed, divided the opposition and, in their view, merely bought time for Maduro to consolidate power and quash street protests.
Valero gave no more specific details about the Norway talks.
Information Minister Jorge Rodriguez and Miranda state governor Hector Rodriguez of the ruling Socialist Party both travelled to Oslo, according to opposition sources.
Opposition legislator Stalin Gonzalez, along with political advisers Gerardo Blyde and Fernando Martinez have also gone, they said. Norway has a tradition of conflict mediation, including assistance with Colombia’s 2016 peace deal between the government and Farc rebels.
It is the second time that such talks have been held in Oslo between Maduro’s regime and Guaido’s representatives, Norway’s NRK radio and television network, adding that negotiations had also taken place in Cuba.
At the end of January, Norwegian Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Soreide said her country was “ready to contribute if and when the parties so wish”. Reports of this week’s talks were hailed, albeit cautiously, by Norwegian South America experts.
“It’s dangerous to read to much into it,” University of Oslo professor Benedicte Bull said.
“It’s very positive that the two parties are holding talks but it’s very important to not hold out too much hope: there have been formal talks three times in the past, and they all collapsed quickly.” 
“That said, the situation is very critical today, and it’s important that something be done,” she said.

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