Annual Oud Festival continues to enthral audience at Katara
April 25 2019 01:06 AM
Oud festival, Katara
Snapshot from a concert held yesterday evening at Katara as part of the Oud Festival.

The third annual Katara Oud Festival continued for the second day at Katara – the Cultural Village, enthralling the audience through musical performances at a concert last evening.
The four-day festival features performances at the Katara Opera House by more than 25 prominent oud players as well as an exhibition highlighting the the works of oud makers.
The event is being held under the theme ‘Alkindi’, inspired by the Muslim thinker and scholar, Yacoub bin Ishaq al-Kindi.
The participants come from various countries, such as Qatar, Jordan, Iraq, Tunisia, Morocco, Lebanon, Yemen, Kuwait, Greece and Syria.
Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim al-Sulaiti, general manager of Katara, inaugurated the festival during a ceremony at the Katara Opera House on Tuesday in the presence of prominent cultural figures, dignitaries and VIP guests, in addition to a large number of visitors and oud lovers from different community groups in Doha.
The concert featured performances by oud players from Turkey, Tunisia, Oman, Iran and Morocco along with a mesmerising performance by singer and oud player Wala al-Jundi from Lebanon.
The concerts begin at 8pm, taking place in Building 16 every day.
Also, there was an outdoor performance by famous Turkish oud maker Farouk Turunz, Yasmine Shahossine, Fisal Najm and Syrian oud maker Ibrahim Sokkar, at the ‘Alkindi’ stage in front of Building 19.
Outdoor performances will be held daily from 5pm to 6pm until tomorrow.
As part of the annual festival, an exhibition featuring prominent oud makers from Turkey, Iraq, Greece, Kuwait and Syria is being held in Building 19, showcasing their original works that reflect the authentic beauty of the instrument. The exhibition also sheds light on the ancient practice of oud manufacturing in the region.

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