Thundershowers are expected in some places Monday along with strong winds in most areas by the afternoon, the Qatar Met department has said.
The windy spell that begins Monday is likely to be accompanied by dusty conditions and a drop in temperature, according to the weather office.
In a report Sunday, the department said northwesterly strong winds are expected to start affecting the country by this afternoon, with the speed ranging from 18-28 knots and going up to 35 knots in some areas at times.
This, in turn, will result in blowing dust and sand with visibility dropping below 2km at times.
The windy conditions are expected to continue tomorrow and on Wednesday, with a relative decrease in the wind speed at night.
The Met department has urged people to be careful, especially people with respiratory problems and motorists travelling on roads in the external areas.
Also expected to accompany the northerly winds is a noticeable drop in temperature compared to the previous days, the report states.
The maximum will be around the late-20Cs and the minimum early-20Cs in most areas.
Meanwhile, Monday’s forecast also includes a warning for expected thundery rain, strong winds and high seas in offshore areas.
Southeasterly-northeasterly winds will blow at 12-22 knots at first before turning northwesterly by the afternoon with speeds of 16-26 knots, reaching a high of 35 knots in some places at times.
In offshore areas, too, southeasterly-northeasterly winds will blow at 5-15 knots, going up to 34 knots during thundery rain and becoming northwesterly by the afternoon with speeds of 20-30 knots.
Scattered clouds are likely in inshore areas and there is a chance of scattered rain during the day, which may become thundery in some places occasionally.
Dusty conditions will prevail at times by the evening, the report adds.
Cloudy conditions are also expected offshore and there is a possibility of scattered rain, which may turn thundery at times.
The maximum temperature Monday is expected to be 26C in Ruwais, 29C in Abu Samra, 30C in Al Khor and 32C in Doha, Wakrah, Mesaieed and Dukhan.
The minimum, on the other hand, will be 24C in Doha, Al Khor, Dukhan and Ruwais, and 25C in Wakrah, Mesaieed and Abu Samra.
Sunday, the maximum temperature was 36C in Batna, Karana and Turayna, 35C in Sheehaniya and Jumayliyah, and 32C in Doha, Dukhan and Mesaieed.
The minimum was 22C in Ghuwairiyah, 23C in Sheehaniya and Turayna, and 25C in Doha.
Doha and other parts of the country received some rain Sunday evening and thunderstorms were also reported from some places.
The Met department advised people to avoid offshore activities in view of the prevailing conditions.
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