Photography as a sport
April 16 2019 01:22 AM

Khaled Zaki

As part of my regular trips for photography of nature, I went down to Zekreet – about 80km from Doha, just to have a good time and enjoy the drive away from the city and traffic, but also to take some photos with friends who share my passion for nature, wildlife and photography. Any type of camera can take great photos, especially now that we live apparently with a camera attached with phones in our hands or pocket. By the way, some of the phone cameras nowadays have such great features that we could never dream of earlier.
I endorse the idea of the positive effect of photography and environment about two decades back. However, I can strongly believe that now photography is a sport, as in an activity where you walk, stretch, climb and carry heavy gear too! 
     For instance, for these photos in Zekreet in the north-western area Qatar near Dukhan, we walked once we arrived from 2pm until 5:30pm, for about 4.4km – we knew because one of my friend’s new watch counted the distance exactly. That’s why I love photography. By the way, spots like Zekreet is great for star gazing or full moon photography since you are away from the city light. The camera used here is Canon 1DX MK2 & Canon 16 35 lens. — Photo and text by Khaled Zaki, Padi Ambassadiver and a master instructor.

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