Technological innovations through the lens of artists
April 08 2019 01:44 AM
ARTWORK: Jamila al-Shraim, a Qatari artist, with Richard O’Kennedy pose in front of Jamila’s artwork.

By Mudassir Raja

An exhibition by 25 Doha-based artists of different origins brought forth some mind blowing art pieces that portrayed how much science and technology has brought changes in everyday lifestyle.
The exhibition that will run until May 6 from 10am to 10pm every day was a complete crowd puller. Art enthusiasts thronged the gallery ART 29 – the 29th floor of W Doha Hotel – on the opening day recently. The visitors of all ages and cultures appreciated the art works highlighting the impact of social media and other technologies on daily life.
The exhibition – themed ‘Science and Technology’ – was formally inaugurated by Richard O’Kennedy, Vice President for Research, Development and Innovation at Qatar Foundation. He was joined by Willy Kempel, Ambassador of Austria to Qatar and Chairman of International Artists of Doha (IAD).
Talking to Community after the inauguration, Richard O’Kennedy said: “The exhibition by IAD artists is looking at science and technology. It is really excited when you look at different art works. You are seeing the peoples’ ideas where science and technology interfaces with people. The idea is how science interferes with humans. The most important thing that I see here is how it ignites peoples’ imagination.
“The ideas of the artists today are very innovative and very good at inventing new concepts. This is exactly what we need in Doha. I think the combination of technology and art is the best way for all the people to get new insights. The message here is very balanced. There are some works that show interfacing of social media with humans and the difficulties associated with it. Some art ideas show how DNA works and interacts. It is a very balanced overview. I see how innovative people are.”
Willy Kempel said: “This is our annual exhibition. We like to show that art has meaning for science and technology to understand it, to apply it and to humanise it. We have to make science and technology understandable for humans. We try to bring in human emotions through the art works. I happy to have a lots of guest from all walks of life tonight.”
IAD – formed in 2011 by two Dutch artists – is a non-profit organisation providing opportunity for local and international artists based in Doha to showcase and expand on their creative narrative. Once a year, IAD showcases its members’ artworks to the public by organising galleries accompanied by workshops and live paintings giving the community a chance to enjoy the work of talented artists passionate about the work they do.
Wassim Daaje, General Manager of W Doha, said: “It is another exciting time for W Doha and ART29 as we provide a creative space for aspiring artists to showcase their work to the local community. The energy of these young men and women expressed through their art shows their passion to communicate with people through their artistic pieces is truly inspiring. Their ideas represent the next generation of talent in the region and I hope everyone will take the time to walk through this journey with us.”
Jamila al-Shraim, a Qatari artist, said: “I have displayed two art pieces. I have shared my message about scientific and technological innovations. In the message, human beings are the main element for innovations. The technological innovations are seen through the creative eyes of an artist.
“I have used the technique of mix media and acrylic colours. I am considered a top Qatari woman artist. I started painting when I was only nine-year-old. I also write on different genres of art.”
Shazia Bhanji, a paper sculpture artist, said: “I am from Pakistan. I have made a paper installation. The topic is disruption. I have used binary code to represent the data and the data is transferring into apps and the apps show all the colours of life – the moment that people can spend together. But, nowadays people are too busy on Facebook and Twitter to say hello. They are not meeting each other. They are drowning into these apps nowadays. If we do not use Internet properly, it can cause disruption in our lives. We should need to use it wisely. “I have used the figure of a woman because woman is a symbol of life. Woman gives birth. I have used the white colour for the woman because the apps have taken away all colours from her life.”

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