Law on political adverts levels playing field: Go
February 21 2019 12:59 AM
Christopher Go
Christopher Go: support for new law

Manila Times/Manila

Former special assistant to the President and 2019 senatorial candidate Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go welcomed President Rodrigo Duterte’s decision to sign into law a bill requiring media outlets to give higher discount rates for political advertisements of candidates and parties during elections.
“This law would allow the public to scrutinise candidates who have the ability to serve but who lack campaign funds,” Go said.
“This law will not only benefit candidates but the entire nation because if the people will be able to know a candidate and his platform better, they can choose better on election day,” he added.
The law, which amends Republic Act, 9006 or the “Fair Election Act,” provides that discounted rates shall be as follows: from 30% to 50% for television and from 20% to 40% for radio.
The discount for print was retained at 10%. Go said the law would provide equal opportunity to all candidates.
He said Duterte himself experienced how it was to be an underdog when he ran for the presidency in 2016 with very little campaign funds.
“My name is not known to households, that’s why this law is also beneficial to me.
I am lucky because I have supporters who are willing to help but what about the others with the capability to serve but do not have the resources?” Go said.
Go earlier said that he agreed to run for the Senate to prove that someone like him without any political pedigree or name recall but with qualifications and a sincere desire to serve, could get elected.
He vowed to observe the president’s stance on fair play in the 2019 senatorial elections.
“We will fight fairly in accordance with the law,” Go stressed.

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