QIB, Injaz programme teaches students to manage finance
February 16 2019 08:56 PM
Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB)


Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB), in collaboration with Injaz Qatar, kickstarted the second half of the 2018-2019 academic year by presenting a programme, ‘How Money Works?’, at Al Wakra Independent Secondary School for Girls to educate youth in Qatar on managing their finances.
The programme is tailored specifically towards secondary school students and university freshmen aged between 15 and 19 years to educate them on how to manage their finances. 
The sessions explore ways for the students to earn money and manage it prudently by budgeting, saving and investing. All students participating in the sessions will receive certificates upon completing the programme. 
Last month, QIB employees delivered the programme to more than 30 female students at Al Wakra Independent Secondary School for Girls. Since the beginning of the current academic school year, the programme was delivered to 220 students across several schools and universities in Qatar. The programme is planned to reach 1,250 students over the next three years as part of an exclusive collaboration between QIB and Injaz Qatar, according to a press statement.
Mashaal Abdulaziz al-Derham, assistant general manager, head of Corporate Communications & Quality Assurance at QIB, said: “As we progress through our programme and increase the number of students it is being offered to, we are pleased with the positive results we are already seeing. 
“Students are actively engaging with the programme and showing a high capacity to comprehend the content and understand its practical applications in the finances of the real world.”
Al-Derham added, “Every student is completing the programme with a better understanding of the financial world. We are pleased to have played a central role in this initiative that is increasing financial literacy among students and providing them with the right tools to make smart financial decisions in the future.”

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