Exhibition by four Pakistani artists ends on a high note
February 12 2019 09:14 PM
GROUP: From left, Hafiz Junaid Sial, Community Welfare Attaché at the Embassy of Pakistan; Irfan Taj, Defence Attaché; Adnan Siraj, Shazia Bhanji, artists; Syed Ahsan Raza, Ambassador of Pakistan; and Shahla Khan and Mala Wasim, artists, at the exhibition in Katara. Photos supplied

By Mudassir Raja

The aesthetically elaborative and colourful exhibition by four Pakistani artists concluded at Gallery 2, Building 18 of Katara yesterday.
The exhibition titled ‘4 Visions’ proved to be a crowd-puller as art enthusiasts from different communities as well as the Pakistani community members thronged the venue for nine days. A variety of artwork on different subjects such as seascapes, horses, and modern architecture through abstract and realistic art techniques attracted visitors who could not help but appreciate the artistry of the four visual artists.
The exhibition included artworks by Shahla Khan, Mala Waseem, Adnan Siraj, and Shazia Bhanji was inaugurated by Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim al-Sulaiti, general manager of Katara, on February 4.
The artworks highlighted different postures of Arabian and other kinds of horses, seascapes, modern architectures in Qatar and other abstract works. All the participating artists expressed their satisfaction and happiness over the response to their creative works. The visitors, including prominent art personalities, diplomats and ambassadors appreciated the works.
Syed Ahsan Raza Shah, newly appointed ambassador of Pakistan to Qatar, visited the exhibition and appreciated the creative talents of the Pakistani artists.  He said: “I am very pleased to be here. I was expecting a very high quality of creative work at the exhibition. But I must confess that the work I have seen is beyond what I had thought. It is absolutely brilliant work by all the four artists from Pakistan.”
Sharing his thoughts about role of Katara in promoting art in Qatar, the ambassador said: “I have only been here for one month. I had heard about Katara before coming to Qatar. This is my first visit to the art facility, but I already know a lot about Katara. It is the place to promote art and culture from all countries. This exhibition is one example of what Pakistan can show to the world about its heritage, culture and art. We are very rich in art and culture. I hope in the coming months, we can collaborate with Katara to highlight Pakistan’s heritage, art, culture and music.”
Sharing her experience at the end of the exhibition, Shehla Khan said: “I collaborated with Katara in arranging the exhibition. It was a great experience to work with three other artists. It was the first time that a group of four Pakistani expatriate artists had an exhibition in Qatar. We all are expert in our form of art.
“My interest is in realism but I always try to deal with different and unique styles. I have done lots of experiments and finally I came up with a new technique which I call fluid marble art. It is done with acrylic or oil fluid colours. I do not use brush. I just pour the colours on the canvas carefully then mix them with different tools, sticks or combs etc. It is an action painting. It takes around 10 hours, without a break, to complete the artwork before it becomes dry. I exhibited seven paintings in the exhibition. We got appreciation from the visitors and our ambassador. It is really boost for our passion for art. I want to say thanks to Katara for supporting us.”
Shazia Bhanji said: “It was truly an incredible feeling to see the response and footfall the exhibition managed to attract. My work is tickaway. Tickaway portrays the importance of treasuring the love within three generations. Every moment we live, we never know when it was the last time someone has enveloped their last breath of air. So cherish whatever time you have left with your loved ones before time ticks away. The various colours used depict the different facets of the feelings we experience. My work also highlights the complex relationship of a husband and a wife. The layering in work represents the complex mind and feelings of a woman.”
Mala Wasim, a graduate from the prestigious National College of Arts in Lahore, said: “Participating in the exhibition gave me a lot of expression and medium. My series of oil paintings titled Texture in Rhythm reflected abstract co-ordination. All paintings are combination of medium and juxtaposed around texture. Each painting claims and fully indulges in the flow of harmonious colour scheme, beauty and peace. Through the series of paintings, I aim to share my knowledge and create meaningful dialogue between human, nature and current culture.”
Adnan Siraj said: “I really appreciate the role of the general manager of Katara for providing us the space and appreciating our works. I had a great experience since it was the first time ever in Doha that Pakistani artists displayed their works in a group exhibition.
“I work in realism and try to capture the beauty of nature in its purest form. My seascapes and horse paintings show my passion for my subjects. I try to play with colours and present the beauty as realistically as possible.”

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