Civil Defence carries out mock evacuation of IKEA
January 23 2019 01:36 AM
The Ikea store in Qatar
The Ikea store in Qatar

The General Directorate of Civil Defence yesterday held a mock evacuation of the IKEA building, which began with an imaginary report of smoke emission in the building.
This was immediately reported to the Civil Defence, who then intervened quickly with a fire brigade from the Umm Salal Civil Defence Centre.
The building’s alarm was triggered and an announcement through the loudspeakers alerted the employees and customers to exit through the emergency exits.
When the Civil Defence arrived, they controlled and handled a fire that broke out on the first floor. IKEA’s security and safety staff carried out the evacuation of employees and customers to reach the safe assembly points.
The evacuation was carried out by the Rescue Police Department (Al Fazaa), Establishments and Authorities Security Department, and ambulance.
After searching for missing or imaginary patients, an imaginary injured person was located and taken to an ambulance for treatment. – QNA

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