Qatar Charity (QC) said it had distributed blankets, food baskets and hygiene kits to displaced and affected people inside Syria, benefiting more than 126,000 persons.

This is to be followed by another distribution of aid by the charity.

The distribution of assistance came with the support from benefactors in Qatar as part of the ‘Below Zero’ campaign launched by QC to provide the winter requirements for the needy, Qatar Charity said in a statement.

The distributed aid included 2,500 blankets, 3,000 family hygiene kits, 3,000 ready-to-eat meals and 700 basic food baskets, benefiting some 126,000 people belonging to displaced and poor families.

QC will next distribute 17,200 food baskets, 7,000 ready meals, 3,114 family winter clothes, 15,000 family personal clothes, 40,000 winter blankets, 8,300 litres of fuel for heating and 7,000 hygiene kits, the statement notes.

Qatar Charity launched its ‘Below Zero’ winter campaign under the slogan ‘Share the warmth” last month to help the displaced, refugees and the needy in nine countries cope with the cold of winter.

On this occasion, a delegation from QC has distributed 2,850 food baskets to all families living in the camp, and sent 20 trucks loaded with food baskets into Syria to be distributed to displaced Syrians. Another 60 trucks will be despatched for the same purpose by the end of December.

The campaign aims to raise QR66mn to provide the necessary winter needs for 800,000 people in three main areas - food, shelter and heating. The targeted people will be given food baskets, winter clothes, blankets, heaters, fuel, tents, caravans (prefabricated housing units), mattresses, pillows and hygiene items.

The campaign focuses on the displaced, refugees and those affected in countries going through exceptional circumstances such as Syria, Palestine and Iraq. It also concentrates on the poor in Tunisia, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, Pakistan, Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina, where temperatures fall below zero degree Celsius.

Consequently, the underprivileged people face a number of challenges such as damage to shelter tents, lack of heating facilities and fuel, shortage of winter clothes and blankets, and scarcity of food, in addition to suffering from diseases associated with severely cold winter. Such situations might cause deaths or the spread of diseases, especially among children and the elderly, if they are not able to find the necessary heating facilities.

In order to reach out to the largest number of displaced people, refugees and those in need, QC has urged people in Qatar to continue supporting its ‘Below Zero’ campaign.

Donations in favour of the campaign can be made through QC’s website and app. Donors can also request a ‘home collector’ through QC’s app or dial the charity’s hotline, 44667711, to make their contributions.

Donations to the ‘Below Zero’ campaign can also be made through its 25 branches within the country and 92 collection points in commercial complexes.

Mobile donations can also be made. To send QR100, QR200 and QR500, one can send an SMS with code (B0) to 92642, 92015, and 92428, respectively.