Thundershowers are back: Rain, winds until Tuesday, warns Met Dept
November 24 2018 11:49 PM
Qatar weather

A rainy start to the week is expected as the Qatar Met department has forecast thundershowers in the country Sunday along with strong winds and poor visibility.

The weather office has also issued a warning for thundery rain, windy conditions and high seas in offshore areas Sunday.
The expected conditions are the outcome of a “state of atmospheric instability” that is expected to affect the country until Tuesday, November 27. The chances of rain and thunderstorms will peak Sunday and Monday, according to a report issued by the Met department on Friday.
The detailed forecast for Sunday says the wind speed may go up to 40 knots during thundershowers in both inshore and offshore areas Sunday, with the sea level rising to 15ft.
It will get cloudier as the day progresses and scattered rain is expected in most parts of the country, which may be thundery at times. Similar conditions are likely offshore as well.
Visibility may drop to 2km or less during thundery rain.
The Met department issued a warning on social media Saturday in view of the forecast for unsettled weather in the country until Tuesday. It urged people to avoid marine activities especially Sunday and Monday, when conditions will be favourable for thunderstorms of variable intensity accompanied by strong winds. 

The weather office also issued safety instructions during rain and thunderstorms through a video online. 

Meanwhile, the minimum temperature expected in the country on Sunday is 21C in Al Khor, Abu Samra and Ruwais, while in Doha it will be 23C. The maximum, on the other hand, will be 29C in Doha, Wakrah and other places.

On Saturday, the minimum temperature was 20C in Abu Samra and Sheehaniya, while Doha recorded a low of 23C.

Chances of rain force fishermen to return to shores

Chances of rain and strong winds have forced a majority of fishermen to stay indoors or start returning to the shores, it is found.
Sources among the country’s fishermen’s groups said they were expected to remain off duty for at least the next 48 hours. 
The fishermen will return to work once the weather improves, they point out, adding that November is generally considered a good time for their activities. 
"But fishing boats have to remain off duty when the sea is volatile and the conditions are stormy," said a fisherman in Wakrah.
Fishermen operating from the northern and western coasts of the country echoed similar sentiments.
The Met department has warned of thunderstorms in Qatar Sunday and Monday, and urged people to avoid marine activities during this period due to the prevalence of strong winds and high seas.

Last updated: November 24 2018 11:55 PM

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