Nama launches campaign to help youth choose right careers
September 29 2018 09:10 PM

Nama - Social Development Centre has announced that it is launching a campaign, ‘My Decision’, Monday, which aims to make local youth aware of the importance of choosing disciplines that match their ambitions and skills. 

By selecting academic and professional paths that best suit them, they will be more likely to have stable, fulfilling careers that also benefit the country in line with Qatar National Vision 2030, Nama has said in a statement.
The campaign will be launched at 10am Monday and start with an overview of the campaign and its objectives. The event will take place at Qatar National Library (QNL), the campaign’s main partner. 
Dr Sohair Wastawy, executive director at QNL, said: “The ‘Qarari’ programme will help young adults in Qatar make career choices that fulfil their own interests and passions, offer them a stable  professional future, and contribute to the growth and development of the country. At Qatar National Library, we strive to support building an exceptional educational environment that will help the nation’s young adults as they explore their passions and make their ambitions a reality.” 
Amal al-Mannai, executive director of NAMA, said: “The ‘My Decision’ campaign will enable youth to make the right decision. To do that, several goals should be achieved, including making youth aware of the importance of choosing scientific majors that fit their interests as well as their awareness of the needs of the labour market.
"The campaign is a new step towards enhancing the role of young people in the process of building the future through direct action based on innovative ideas, conscious planning and organised collective effort, whose steps are defined with precision, supported by experience, credibility and fruitful co-operation with various parties.”
The two-week campaign targets those aged 15-25 years and aims to develop their skills to contribute to Qatar’s future and help them overcome the challenges and hesitation they may face as they choose a discipline. This includes raising their awareness of the importance of selecting majors that fit their educational preferences, introducing them to the needs of the job market and highlighting gaps in the specialised areas required by a knowledge economy.
The campaign also introduces the ‘My Decision’ mobile app. Students can use the app to seek answers to many challenges they face as they choose their academic and professional tracks. The app features personality tests to match students to an area of study, a search engine for local universities and their programmes, direct applications to academic and professional courses, and opportunities for experience in the local job market.
The campaign will include a number of awareness workshops for schools and universities that will emphasise to students the importance of selecting an appropriate major, as well as discussions and posts on social media and the ‘Nama Empowerment and Entrepreneurship’ mobile app.
The ‘My Decision’ comes after thorough research conducted by the Nama Centre, as well as direct interactions with youth, which resulted in the campaign’s objectives and details. The centre discovered that local students often do not choose a major that aligns with their interests, and the campaign is committed to addressing this issue in order to help young adults overcome the obstacles to their ambitions. 
The campaign will be launched in collaboration with the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs, Qatar University, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics, Ministry of Culture and Sports and QNL.

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