HMC training programme helps physicians in a big way
September 07 2018 11:24 PM
Dr Mazin Abdulaziz is orthopaedic specialist surgeon at Hamad General Hospital.

A special training programme, conceived and conducted by the Hamad Medical Education Center of Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) is helping the orthopaedic surgeons in Qatar avoid travelling abroad for training.
“The orththopaedic surgery course, in its fifth year now, is helping the orthopaedic surgeons in a big way. Before we launched the programme, the surgeons had to travel to the US or the UK for training. Now, they can have the training here and can save a lot of time and money," said Dr Mazin Abdulaziz, orthopaedic specialist surgeon, Hamad General Hospital.
“The programme helps orthopaedic surgeons study and review the orthopaedic procedures and topics. It prepares them to appear for orthopaedic examinations and update their skills in orthopaedic surgery. HMC surgeons who have attended the course have 100% pass percentage in their board examinations. The course is very popular in the world,” explained Dr Abdulaziz. 
HMC conducted the fifth course recently and about 120 surgeons from a number of countries attended it. The seven-day course offers CPD (Continuing Professional Development) points for 54 hours and is one of the biggest number of CPD points allotted for a single course.
“The course was started for the first time in the region in Qatar by Dr Mohamed al-Kyari, chairman of the course, as it was found that the surgeons in the region lacked preparations for board examinations. We had very good participation from the region. The number of surgeons from outside Qatar was higher than Qataris in some sessions,” noted the official. 
According to Dr Abdulaziz, the course is very helpful for the doctors who appear for FRCS (Fellowship of the Royal Colleges of Surgeons) examinations. 
“It reviews all the orthopaedic topics and gives updates on latest orthopaedic treatments. Diseases or abnormalities such as osteoporosis, hip dislocation, and fracture are discussed in the course. The course also provides inputs about spinal problems, sport injuries among others. During the course, there are workshops for two days," he added.

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