The Ambulance Service at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) has opened a new "ambulance spoke" in the Sealine area, Mesaieed, facilitating quicker access in case of an emergency situation.
“We have opened a new 'ambulance spoke' inside the Sealine area. This is the result of an agreement between the Sealine beach resort and HMC, with the resort providing the land for the 'spoke',” said Abdulaziz Alyafei, assistant executive director, National Command Centre, Ambulance Service (HMC).
According to HMC, the 'spokes' represent the various satellite ambulance care units that are located around the country. These are part of the 'Hub and Spoke' model for care delivery that was established to ensure faster access to critical care provision in emergency cases. 'Hubs' represent the locations where ambulance staff start and end their shifts.
“We have the camping season in Sealine from mid-October until the end of April every year. We have to station a number of ambulances during this period. It will become a permanent one with 12 ambulances, including helicopters, during the camping season,” explained Alyafei.
“Otherwise, we will have four ambulances stationed at the new spoke throughout the year."
"The ambulance service will cover the entire area 24 hours - including the Sealine area as well as roads from Al Wakrah to Sealine beach. The 'spoke' is located close to Al Meera, Sealine. We will be able to reach the place well on time, provided the location is clearly provided by the caller,” noted Alyafei.
The Ambulance Service currently has 85 'spokes' around the country and is planning to further increase the number.
“We get around 250-270 calls every day. This year, we plan to increase the number of 'spokes' as well as ambulances. We also have three helicopters - two in service and one on standby,” added the official.
According to Ali Darwish, assistant executive director of the Ambulance Service, the emergency team at the service provides pre-arrival instruction to callers to help them cope with the situation in a better way. 
“The caller gets necessary assistance to help the patient until the ambulance arrives. You can get the information if you provide the right details about the condition of the patient. It could be for any situation such as cardiac or other health issues. The system provides guidance for family members as well as friends until an ambulance reaches the place,” said Darwish.
Meanwhile, the Ambulance Service has celebrated a feat in which two patients obtained medical information from the Ambulance Service and managed to keep themselves safe. Also, a woman gave birth by following the instructions given by the ambulance team.