Qatar Charity (QC) and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) have signed an agreement to support vulnerable Syrian refugee families living in Jordan and Lebanon with cash assistance. 
The agreement is linked to a contribution of $10mn by QC, aimed at reaching out to more than 150,000 vulnerable Syrian refugees in both countries, Qatar Charity has said in a press statement.
The agreement came within the framework of the international and regional solidarity and as part of the strategic partnership and co-operation agreement signed between QC and UNHCR in October last year in Geneva due to the urgent need for concerted efforts to respond to the needs of refugees. 
It was signed by Sheikh Hamad bin Nasser bin Jassim al-Thani, chairman of QC, and Filippo Grandi, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, recently at the headquarters of UNHCR in Geneva. 
Sheikh Hamad emphasised the importance of the agreement within United Nations (UN)’s efforts to provide relief aid to refugees and displaced Syrians, as they are urgently in need for support. 
He added that QC takes pride in partnering and working with UNHCR in areas where humanitarian assistance is needed for refugees and displaced people around the world.
Grandi said the outcome of the agreement will provide Syrian refugee families with cash assistance to alleviate their suffering. 
Yousif bin Ahmed al-Kuwari, CEO of Qatar Charity, said the agreement enhances “our co-operation and partnership with United Nations organisations, particularly UNHCR”, while praising the co-operation with the refugee agency in past.
Khaled Khalifa, UNHCR regional representative to the GCC countries, thanked Qatar for its humanitarian efforts. He also expressed appreciation for QC’s active co-operation with UNHCR, which aims to secure the humanitarian needs of displaced people and refugees globally. Further, he pointed out that this clearly demonstrates the continued humanitarian commitment made by QC and is a true reflection of international solidarity.
UNHCR and Qatar Charity have a long track record of co-operation in support of displaced persons. QC has provided contributions of some $23mn in support of UNHCR’s operations in Syria, Yemen, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Iraq and Somalia.
At the Aid & Trade conference and exhibition held in April in London, UNHCR honoured QCy in recognition of its efforts, projects and partnerships with the agency for humanitarian service.
Last year, QC and UNHCR a signed a strategic co-operation agreement at the UN headquarters in Geneva, which is aimed at supporting UNHCR’s protection and assistance activities for refugees and displaced persons worldwide. 
Spanning over a period of four years, the agreement provided for a minimum annual Qatari contribution of $3mn in support of UNHCR’s projects. 
These agreements are part of the co-operation and agreements concluded between QC and UNHCR, according to which QC funds projects for refugees and displaced persons in Syria, Yemen, Myanmar, Iraq, Somalia, Pakistan and other countries across the globe.
Also QC and Qatar Fund for Development had announced a co-operation and partnership agreement with UNHCR to provide $9mn in financial support in order to offer basic services to Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh.
Further, the charity and the UN refugee agency had launched a joint campaign aimed at reintegrating Somali refugees and internally displaced persons into Somalia, and providing them with a better life. The campaign aims to raise $10mn.