Qatar Charity (QC) has distributed more than 3,000 food baskets to Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh and Nepal through its offices in both countries, as part of QC’s continuous relief efforts to ease the suffering of these refugees.

In Bangladesh, during the holy month of Ramadan, 3,000 food baskets were provided by QC’s office in the country to 3,000 refugee families living in the camp where the charity operates.

Also, QC’s office in Kathmandu, Nepal has distributed food baskets to 130 Rohingya refugee families living in three small camps in the country.

The food baskets included dry food items such as rice, sugar, oil, lentils, onions, potatoes, salt, milk powder, and coal in addition to medicines.

Such aid provided by Qatar Charity and other humanitarian organisations is the main source of livelihood for the Rohingya refugees.

Last month, the Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD), Qatar Charity and UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) signed a tripartite cooperation agreement in Doha in which both QFFD and QC pledged to provide UNHCR with $8.8 mn to offer basic services to Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh.

This pledge was made to provide essential life-saving assistance, with the aim to reduce the risk Rohingya refugees face in Bangladesh during the rainy and cyclone season, and beyond.

Also, Qatar Charity allocated $500,000 last year to provide shelter to the displaced and internally displaced persons in Myanmar as part of a joint agreement with UNHCR on responding to humanitarian crises.

In 2012, Qatar Charity began to provide humanitarian assistance to Rohingya internally displaced in Myanmar in the areas of health, food, non-food, housing, water and sanitation.

The amount of QC’s assistance provided through its ongoing relief campaign for the Rohingya internally displaced in Myanmar and refugees in Bangladesh, in coordination and co-operation with the UNHCR, or with other international organisations, or through its field office in Bangladesh, has reached about $6mn, benefiting more than 500,000 people.

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