Nepali expats shower praise on resilient Qatar
June 20 2018 10:38 PM
Bishnu Karki and Gokul Bhatterai

By Usha Wagle Gautam

It has been a year since the neighbouring countries of Qatar laid an illegal and unjustified siege. The blockade however has made impact of no significance on Qatar. The economy of Qatar has been growing steadily and the job market also doing well.
There are over 450,000 Nepali expatriates working in Qatar. A big majority of these expatriates are workers and labourers. The ongoing blockade has no bad impact on the workers. The confidence reposed by the government of Qatar in Nepali expatriates has been very encouraging and heartening. In response, the Nepali community has also shown their all out support for the host country during the hard times.
Recently, Community spoke to different Nepali individuals, working in different sectors, about the ongoing siege and its impact on them.

Bishnu Karki
I have been working at Al Maktab Al Qatari Al Hollandi, a flower importing and distributing company, for about 15 years. Our business has not been affected by the blockade as we import flowers from Europe, America and Far East countries. Initially, there were some hiccups as far the food items of daily use are concerned. However, the government of Qatar took quick and necessary steps ensuring the uninterrupted supply of food items. We feel secure and safe in Qatar. We will continue working for development of the country. Nepali community is all praise for the courageous leadership of Qatar.

Purna Bahadur Pokhariya
I am pretty satisfied with my 11-year-long stay in Qatar. The confidence of the country has undermined the unjustified blockade. The people of Qatar stand by their government and defy the unfair pressure. Qatar has protected its sovereignty in a respectable way.

Gokul Bhatterai
June 6 is very important for me. I first came to Qatar on the dame day in 2012. The siege of Qatar started on the same date last year. I am currently working as a human resource officer in a construction firm. The blockade has not affected my professional and personal life. Moreover, construction and financial activities are on the rise this year. I am glad to see that the government has been taking the situation as an opportunity. I hope to continue my work here till 2022 to watch the World Cup.

Chanak Pokheral
I have been working in Qatar since 1995. I also work as a president of Nepalese Overseas Forum—Qatar. I have made good progress during my stay here. I am fully satisfied with my job and my stay in Qatar.
Future of Qatar is very bright. The FIFA World Cup 2022 will definitely bring more recognition and prosperity for the county. The ongoing blockade has not affected the resolve of the country. Construction activities are going on without a break. We, the Nepali community, are working and living here happily as usual. I have spent 23 years of my life in Qatar. I am thankful to Qatar and its people. I express my strong solidarity with the country during the embargo.

Dr Modassir Alam 
I am working at Kantipur Medical Centre as a general physician. This is my fourth year in Qatar. The blockade is totally unjustified. I also praise the role of the government in handling the situation carefully. The government has made the country more self-sustained. During the blockade, I have not faced shortage of medicine or healthcare equipment. 

Mukesh Kumar Yadav
I have been in Qatar since 2014. I am working as a marketing executive. The country has handled the blockade situation well. As a Nepali expatriate, I salute the resilience of the Qatari government. I fully support Qatar during the blockade.

Narayan Bhandari
I came to Qatar in 2010. I started my job in Burger King as a service guy. Currently, I am working as marketing manager in Mix Star General Trading and Contracting Company. The blockade has been a test for Qatar. So far the country has shown good and strong character. Both nationals and residents of Qatar have become proud of their country.

Rakesh Shrestha
I came here in 2004 to start my career as a salesman. Today, I am the managing director of my company. The blockade has not affected my personal and professional lives. Everything is smooth. It is memorable to see how the country managed to avoid the impact of the blockade.

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