The Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC) has announced the closure of a maintenance centre in the Industrial Area, belonging to an automobile company, for a week.
The closure order comes after the failure of the company to notify the relevant authorities at the ministry about recalling a certain model due to a manufacturing defect, which may pose a risk to consumer safety.
In a statement on Saturday, the MEC said a violation was registered against the company for flouting Article 14 of Law No 8 of 2008 on Consumer Protection, which states: "Upon the discovery of a defect in the commodity or service that is likely to harm the consumer, the supplier shall immediately inform both the competent department in the ministry and the consumer about the potential damage and relevant protective measures. The supplier shall immediately withdraw the defective commodity from the market and announce such withdrawal in accordance with the executive bylaw hereof."
According to the Consumer Protection Law, the administrative closure announcement will be posted on the ministry's website and in two daily newspapers at the expense of the violating company.
The MEC is continuously monitoring the extent of commitment and compliance by car dealers to follow up on vehicle defects and fix them to protect the rights of consumers and, in co-ordination with the agent of the company, to follow up on the maintenance and repair works as well as communicate with customers to ensure that the necessary repairs are carried out.
The ministry has stressed that it will firmly deal with all those who are negligent in carrying out their obligations under the Consumer Protection Law and its executive regulations. It will intensify its inspection campaigns to regulate such practices. Any violation of laws and ministerial decisions will be referred to the competent authorities for appropriate action against them. 
The ministry has urged consumers to report any irregularities through its communication channels.
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