*MEC announces Ramadan initiative

The Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC) on Saturday issued a list comprising more than 500 commodities which will be sold at reduced prices on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan.

These consumer goods will be available at reduced prices starting from Sunday until the end of the holy month of Ramadan 1439H.

"This initiative comes within the framework of the initiatives of the Ministry of Economy and Commerce during the holy month of Ramadan 1439H under the slogan 'Less than duty', and within the framework of the ministry's keenness to launch such initiatives in the past years to provide the needs of citizens and residents of consumer goods at discounted prices during this holy month," a statement issued by the MEC said.

The initiative will be particularly helpful as spending on food purchases is increasing, it said.

All commodities consumed by people during the holy month have been included in the list. They include flour, sugar, rice, pasta, oil, milk, and other food and non-food items of importance to the consumer.

The list of reduced prices has been circulated among all major retail outlets in the country. Consumers can also view the list on the ministry's website and at all the ministry's social networking sites.

To ensure compliance, the ministry will firmly enforce the Consumer Protection Law and its executive regulations. The ministry will intensify inspection campaigns to control violations. "Anyone violating the laws and ministerial decisions organising the work of the Department will be referred to the competent authorities for appropriate action."

The ministry has urged the public to report any case of violation of the provisions of this resolution through the following channels :Email: [email protected]; Account of the Ministry of Economy and Commerce on social networking sites - Twitter @MEC_QATAR, INSTRUCTIONS MEC_QATAR

The following are the prices of some of the main edible items (in the order of name of the item, quantity, price): Qfm flour No1 5kg QR16, Qfm flour No 2 5kg QR16, Qfm flour No 3 5kg QR19, Qfm flour chappati atta 10kg QR22.25, Yara frying oil 1.8ltr 9, Baladna cow milk 1ltr 6, Baladna fresh milk low fat (cow) 1ltr 6, Ghadeer fresh milk 1.75ltr 10, Ghadeer fresh milk low fat 1.75ltr 10, Al Maha fresh milk f/f 1ltr 5.5, Anchor milk powder 2.5kg 66, Dandy yoghurt full fat 1kg 4.75, Dandy yoghurt low fat 1kg 4.75, Kiri cheese 216g 7.75, Yara pure sunflower oil 1.8ltr 11.75, Sunlite sunflower oil 1.8ltr 9.25, Amul pure ghee 1kg 31.5, Dalda vegetable ghee 1kg 11.5, Vimto fruit 710ml 7.5, Quaker white oats 500g 6.75, Punjab Garden rice basmati 5kg 26.75, Sadia frozen chicken 1000gm 12.5, Doux frozen whole chicken 1000g 11, Al Waha fresh chicken 1200gm 20.25, Lipton y/l tea bag 100bags 14.75, Brook Bond Red Label tea 400g 11.75, Nezo salt packet 1kg 2, Ola light meat tuna 185g 5, Rayyan water 6x1.5ltr 6.25, Al Waha eggs med 30pcs 13.5, Indomi chicken noodles 5x75g 5, Diamond honey 400gm 13.25.

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