MEC shuts down beauty shop for one week
April 16 2018 09:19 PM
A representative from the MEC posts a notice after the closure of a beauty shop in Khalifa City.


The Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC) has announced a one-week closure of a beauty shop in Khalifa City for using expired products.
The closure decision comes within the framework of the ministry’s intensive inspection campaign to monitor markets and commercial activities to crack down on violations, price manipulation, and counterfeit and substandard products.
The shop was fined and closed for a one-week period in line with Article (6) of Law Number (8) of 2008, which stipulates: “No defective or adulterated commodity shall be sold, displayed, presented, promoted or advertised. The commodity shall be deemed to be adulterated or defective where it does not conform to the prescribed standard specifications, is unfit for use, or has expired.”
The administrative closure declaration shall be published at the expense of the salon that committed the violation in accordance with Article (18) of Law No (8) on Consumer Protection. The law stipulates that the closure decision shall be published on the ministry’s website and in two daily newspapers at the expense of the violator.
The ministry stressed that it will not tolerate any violations of Consumer Protection Law and its regulation and will intensify the inspection campaign to crack down on violations. The ministry also said it will refer those who violate laws and ministerial decrees to competent authorities, who will in turn take appropriate action against perpetrators in order to protect consumer rights.
The ministry urges all consumers to report violations or submit complaints and suggestions to its consumer protection and anti-commercial fraud department through the following channels Call Centre, 16001; [email protected]; and with the following accounts: Twitter MEC_QATAR and Instagram MEC_QATAR, as well as iPhone and Android Apps MEC_QATAR.

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