Labour Ministry to set up fund to pay workers' dues instantly
March 19 2018 01:16 AM


*Committees to solve labour disputes start functioning

The committees for resolving labour disputes at the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs (MADLSA) started its operations yesterday.
Created to resolve worker disputes that could not be solved in a friendly manner by the ministry's Work Relations Department within seven days, each of the three committees is headed by a judge delegated by the Supreme Judicial Council and comprises two members from MADLSA. 
Speaking to Qatar News Agency (QNA) yesterday, Fahd Zafir al-Dusari, Director of MADLSA Work Relations Department , said the work of the committees will be coordinated by a secretariat. The main aim of the initiative is to speed up the process of resolving labour complaints.
He said MADLSA is set to create a "worker support fund" from which the financial dues of workers will be paid, based on the decision of the committee. Any such amount would be reclaimed from the employer through the approved legal procedures. The fund is expected to be launched soon as it would guarantee the rights of workers regardless of the bankruptcy of the company or the insolvency of the employer.
He stressed that the department was able to resolve more than 80% of the cases submitted to it last year while 20% of them were referred to the courts. Accordingly, the new committee would review the cases that the department would not be able to resolve within three weeks of receiving them. It is possible to appeal the decision of the committee within 15 days at the Court of Appeal, which should decide on the matter within 30 days.
Al-Dusari said that the introduction of the committees was made possible due to the amendments of Law No 13 for 2017, and the Cabinet decision No 6 for 2018 that regulates the work of the committee. He said the committee complements the Work Relations Department and mainly aims at speeding up the process of ensuring the rights of workers.
The official pointed out that the department would try to find a solution to a complaint within seven days, but if it did not work out, the case would be referred to the committee's secretariat, accompanied by details of the matter and the recommendations of the department. It is envisaged that the committee would resolve the complaint within three weeks. However, if any of the parties was not satisfied with the committee's decision, it would be referred to the court of appeal, which would pronounce its verdict within 30 days.
He said the main disputes that are generally brought before the department include delayed payment, non-payment of end of service benefits, travel tickets, and leave compensation. 
Al-Dusari said Labour Law No 14 for 2004 specified three entities that are not subject to the jurisdiction of the committee, which include the employees and workers of government departments, ministries and public entities.

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