Nepali community will enjoy two musical performances next Friday
March 04 2018 10:56 PM
ACTRESS: Niruta Singh and Anu Shah

By Usha Wagle Gautam

Nepali community is going to enjoy performances by different artistes from their country on March 9. The prominent performers include comedian actor Jeetu Nepal, actress Niruta Singh, actor and dancer Shankar BC and pop singer Anil Singh.
The performers will share the stage next Friday when the programme titled ‘Kumari Boom Super Star Night’ will be held. The list of artistes includes actress Sarika Ghimire and Anu Shah, musician Rajan Raj Siwakoti, singer Yubaraj Chaulagain, pop singer Angila Regmi, Bhojpuri and Mahitili singer Selina Kunwr and Santosh Raj, Nepali folk singer Debika K C and Rit Kumar Shrestha. Naresh Bhatterai will host the programme.
The musical programme organised by Kumari Bank and Boom Remit will be held in Asian Town, Sanaiya. The programme will kick off at 4pm on March 9.
Shankar B C is the most popular model, who has been appearing in hundreds of folk music videos. He is an artiste, singer, choreographer and dance teacher.
Jeetu Nepal is very popular among the TV audience in Nepal where he is the actor, writer and director of the popular comedy show Jire Khursani (Hot Chilies). He has also acted in 2013 comedy feature Chha Ekan Chha, Chnaka Panja 1 and Chanka Panja 2.
Niruta Singh was introduced in Nepali film industry by noted director Tulsi Ghimire in a 1993 movie Dakshina. The success of the movie helped her to get the position of one of the top actresses in the industry. Along with being a very good actress, she is also a singer. She first officially recorded the title track for director Deepak Raymajhi’s NTV family drama series Vansha and later she sang for a music album titled Deepshikha. Anil Singh is a pop singer. His first album was titled Gayak and included the single Prem Patra. 
Anu Shah is an actress of potential in Nepali movie industry. She debuted in the movie The Yug Dekhi Yug Samma. Apart from acting in movies, she is also a successful model and music video actress.
Santosh Raj is a music director, composer and singer in Nepal music industry and in Bhojpuri film/music industry. He has composed more than 400 Maithili, Bhojpuri, Nepali and Hindi songs in last 10 years. He is founder of Sraj Productions Pvt. Ltd.
Similarly, there will be a separate musical programme on March 9 at Al Dana driving school. Two top Nepali TV comedian actors Arjun Ghimire (Panda) and Kumar Katal (Jigri) are coming to Qatar for the programme. Nepali local artistes Nabaraj Shrestha and Rym K lama will also perform at the programme.
Kumar Katel and Arjun Ghimire are the writers of Nepali top comedy serial Bhadragol (Unmanaged). It is one of the most viewed Nepali television programme and both Ghimire and Katel are in main roles. The show revolves around the daily happenings of a village in Nepal. Katel plays a young crook who, along with his fellows Bale and Cockroach, commits petty crimes. Ghimire , one of the central characters of the serial, is the most cunning man in the entire village. He is expert in befooling and cheating the villagers with his funny ideas. 
According to programme co-ordinator Deepak Gautam, the programme is totally for the social cause related to street and orphan children in Nepal. The programme will start from 12pm.

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