Nepali expats express solidarity with Qatar
February 17 2018 11:05 PM
Bijaya Raj Adhikari

By Usha Wagle Gautam

Different expatriate communities living in Qatar continue to express solidarity with their host country in wake of the continuous blockade by its neighbouring countries—Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.
The sprawling Nepali community is no different. With estimated over 450,000 Nepali expatriates living in Qatar, the community extends wholehearted support to the country.
The community members are using social media as a tool to express their concerns over the continuous crisis and how they support the sovereignty of Qatar. In the last eight months, whenever Nepali community organised a programme, usually cultural, they expressed solidarity with Qatar. On street corners, Nepali expatriates are seen signing their signatures on a banner with a photo of the Emir of Qatar.
Recently Community caught up with some Nepali expatriates, who have been active supporters of Qatar in the crisis and asked for their views.

Jitendra Jha
I have been in Qatar since 2008. I started working as a foreman in a construction company. Today I am promoted to operations manager in the same company. In Qatar, I got a chance to learn more and more. Qatar provides the best platform for those who want to grow professionally.
I fully support Qatar during this ongoing blockade because the country supports me. There are around 2,000 employees in our company. Our employer has assured us that no employee would be affected due to the blockade crisis. We are working normally. Initially, my family expressed concerns over the crisis. However, they are now satisfied that nothing is going to happen to Qatar.

Bijaya Raj Adhikari
I have found that economy of Qatar is becoming stronger and more independent since the blockade. In Qatar, nobody feels impact of the blockade. I have been in Qatar for five years and been working in a marketing company of imported goods. I have seen no shortage of necessary goods. The blockade has led Qatar to diversify its imports. I am closely looking at the everyday lives of people in Qatar. They love their country. Qatar is equally treating foreign nationals as its citizens. The demand for workers has not decreased.
Due to fair treatment to us, I feel Qatar as my second home. My work here is supporting my family and has uplifted my living standard. All Nepali expatriates share the similar story. So, we are expressing our solidarity relentlessly.

Anil Thapa Magar
First, I feel proud to be in Qatar. The blockade has done no harm to Qatar. I do not reckon the blockade a much of crisis. However, initially the blockade sent some shock waves. We were anxious. We thought imports would fall and prices would skyrocket. I thought I might have to leave my seven-year-old job. As the days passed, I found everything normal. The performance of Qatar has been quiet impressive. There is a lesson for other countries about how Qatar faced the crisis.

Thakur Kumar Pariyar
I am heartily thankful to Qatar for providing me with an opportunity to work here happily for 17 years. In this long period, I did not face any kind of problem. The good experience makes me emotionally attached to the country. Qatar has given me so many things—good food and better education–to my kids. I have gained immense knowledge and skill.
I owe a lot to Qatar. This makes me express solidarity with Qatar.

Nanda Dhungana
I have been in Qatar since 2007 and have worked on more than 40 projects. Professionally and personally, I am happy to live and work in Qatar. I got an opportunity to earn more and learn more here.
The blockade is aimed at slowing the fast economic growth of the country. The Nepali community openly oppose this unjustified blockade. Hence, we support and express solidarity with Qatar.

Keshav Dhakal
I have been promoted as a manager in the same  construction company where I started working as a worker five years ago. I am also active with Nepali community as the vice president of Non-Resident Nepali Community—National Coordination Council. In this country, I did not only earn money but also remained active socially.
Qatar has always been special for me. I did not go to Nepal for vacation even. I like being in Qatar as the country faces the blockade. I have made a decision that I will go to Nepal only after the blockade ends.

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