Seven children have died of food poisoning after eating sea turtle, officials in Madagascar said on Wednesday.

The children, between a few months and 4 years old, were from the same family in the north of the island off the East African coast.
"Seven children died on January 8 and 9, including two infants after breastfeeding whose mothers had eaten the turtle meat," Said Borohany, a medical inspector, told dpa.
Sea turtles are a protected species in Madagascar, but people still eat them. Between November and March, the animals feed on toxic algae that lines the seabed, and the toxins can be found in their flesh.
"This kind of case occurs every year at this time," said Manitra Rakotoarivony, director of health promotion at the Health Ministry.
"Yet we go down to these areas to explain that locals should not eat this meat," he added.

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