Qatar has made qualitative leaps in various fields of development'
December 16 2017 12:13 AM
HE the Minister of Municipality and Environment Mohamed bin Abdullah al-Rumaihi.
HE the Minister of Municipality and Environment Mohamed bin Abdullah al-Rumaihi.


HE the Minister of Municipality and Environment Mohammed bin Abdullah al-Rumaihi said that the celebration of the country's National Day is a commemoration of the founder of the state, the late Sheikh Jassim bin Mohamed bin Thani.
"We are inspired by this remarkable anniversary, and guided by the principles of steadfastness, strength, and determination that characterised him with his wisdom in leadership towards development and prosperity, which was achieved, thanks to God, and then by the wise leadership of His Highness the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani. His Highness the Emir continued the process of development and construction, which was led by His Highness the Father Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani that made the welfare of the Qatari citizen its focus by implementing the Qatar National Vision 2030."

On the occasion of National Day, HE the Minister stressed that Qatar has achieved, in the light of its wise leadership, qualitative leaps in various fields of development -- economic, political, sporting and other fields -- making it the focus of attention of the whole world and has become in a record time among the leading countries at the regional and international level.
As we celebrate the National Day, HE the Minister said, we must take lessons to renew our resolve and pledge to continue the process of building and development , and to do more work to elevate our cherished country to the prospects of progress and prosperity," he added.
HE the Minister pointed out that the Ministry of Municipality and Environment, represented by all its departments and employees, is aware of the magnitude of the responsibilities and challenges facing the country, and work with dedication and standing united behind the wise leadership of His Highness the Emir to achieve the hopes and aspirations of the honourable people of Qatar.
During the year 2017, the Ministry of Municipality and Environment has made a number of important achievements in various fields. In the field of agriculture, the local agricultural product marketing project was implemented by supporting the local agricultural fields in the areas of (Al Mazrua, Al Wakrah, Al Khor and Al Dhakira). Three plots are being prepared for the sale of local agricultural products in the areas of Al Shahaniya, Ruwais and Muaither, HE the Minister said.
And the project of supplying dates from the owners of farms for 2017, where the number reached 79 farms, and the quantities of supplied dates for this year is expected to reach about 1052 tonnes, and the amount allocated for this project is about QR10mn , in addition to the development and rehabilitation of the pastures including the Mesaieed irrigation project, with a completion rate of 78%. And the rehabilitation of the wild land, where the percentage of achievement reached is about 50%. And the programme of propagation of important and endangered local wild plants where the completion rate is about reached about 60%.
As for livestock, the economic livestock recorded in the Register of Breeders and Herdsmen programme at the end of October 2017 was about 1.5mn heads, of whom 7.3% were camels, 64.5% sheep, 26.5% goats and 1.7% cows, HE the Minister said. As many as 14 poultry projects have been licenced and renewed, of which 12 are poultry and two livestock, five are currently producing more than 2,000 tonnes of poultry meat, 100 tonnes of eggs and seven projects under establishment with a production capacity of 24,500 tonnes of poultry meat and 6,700 tonnes of eggs, and two livestock projects, with an operating one producing 405 tonnes of red meat and 1551 tonnes of dairy products while the other project under establishment to produce about 40 tonnes of meat per year.
In the area of programmes and projects, HE the Minister said that the Agricultural Loan Programme for the Financing of Livestock in co-operation with the Qatar Development Bank carried out 36 visits to holdings submitted for the purpose of financing breeding animals. It was recommended to finance 31 acquisitions with a total of QR 8.25mn , 30 of which are areas at cost of QR 7.5mn and one farm at a cost of QR 750,000, he added.
In the field of fisheries, HE the Minister said that the Ministry of Municipality and the Environment has completed the project of establishing a aquaculture centre and a national programme of investment in fish farming has been prepared. Three marine sites will be set up to establish fish farms in floating cages. A project to review and strengthen the legislation relating to the exploitation of fishery resources, a draft of the review of fisheries legislation, and a new law is being put in place to regulate the work in fishing ports in Qatar, HE the Minister added.
As for inventory assessment and fisheries management, the percentage of achievement was 100% during the year, HE the Minister said, adding that the current status of 25 stocks of fish of economic value, accounting for 95% of fish production, was assessed and the levels of exploitation required for optimal and sustainable production of fish species were determined, and to study the biological characteristics of 22 species of economic fish in partnership with the Fish Unit of the Central Laboratories were also made.
Regarding the environmental affairs sector, HE the Minister said the Ministry of Municipalities and Environment had given the environmental sector in its various departments great attention for its development , covering many areas including protection and wildlife, radiation and chemical protection, environmental monitoring, environmental assessment, climate change, industrial inspection, pollution control and natural reserves.
As for the urban planning sector, HE the Minister said the Ministry of Municipalities and Environment in 2017 completed a set of approved projects, foremost of which is the implementation of the new planning requirements for spatial development plans for the municipalities. The journey began in 2014 through the preparation of spatial development plans for municipalities that contain both zoning plans for different municipalities, as well as plans for a range of urban centres that will provide high concentration mixed use and densities mixed with the mass transit system. These plans are to be launched at the beginning of 2018, HE the Minister added.
HE the Minister noted that a series of strategic projects and studies have been prepared, including the "Planning Legislation for the State of Qatar", the "National Guidelines for Urban Design", the "Real Estate Market Assessment Study in Qatar", the "National Housing Strategy in Qatar" and the Climate change strategy ".
HE the Minister said that the Public Parks Department has rehabilitated Al Kaaban Park, Al Ghuwairiya Public Park, Mammoura Park (Doha), 66 Al Qatifiyah Park, 67 Al Markhia Park, Al Abiq Park will be rehabilitated in the first quarter of 2018, and parks will be established at Al-Thamama, Al Duhail and Al Shamal, in addition to Mohammed bin Jassim Park which will be inaugurated in Um Salal Municipality.


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