National Day an occasion of pride for people of Qatar, says al-Marri
December 08 2017 12:46 AM
Dr Ali bin Samikh al-Marri

QNA Doha

Chairman of the National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) Dr Ali bin Samikh al-Marri described Qatar National Day as an occasion of pride for the people of the country and a day in which the people reaffirm their unity with their wise leadership. In a statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA) in the run-up to the National Day celebrations on December 18, al-Marri said, “The National Day has made a difference in the history of the country and the people of Qatar. It became a starting point of the establishment of the modern state. It is, also, a day to cherish the past, the flourishing present and the promising future of this country.
“Celebrating this day is an opportunity to assess Qatar’s achievements in all fields and at all levels,” Dr al-Marri said, adding that this year’s celebration theme, which is ‘Promise of Prosperity and Glory’, reflects the nature of Qatari people, their pride, and their trust in their leader.
Dr al-Marri pointed out that Qatar dealt with the unjust siege and the Gulf crisis professionally, and with a great sense of maturity. He appreciated all the efforts made to overcome this unjust and inhuman siege, and to redress and compensate the victims for the material and psychological damage caused by it. The National Human Rights Committee chairman also pointed out that although the siege had negative effects on human rights, it revealed the cultural and civilisational nature of the Qatari people and showed the wonderful aspects of the Qatari personality, which is becoming increasingly cohesive during crisis.
Dr al-Marri stated that this crisis revealed the strength of Qatar and its regional and international standing. It also highlighted the support of all the free and honourable people of the world against an unjust siege that violates all international human rights conventions and principles, he added. Further, he said that the country’s mature and poised handling of the crisis led to exposing the inhumane practices of the siege countries in contrast to Qatar’s respect for international human rights and its refusal to deal with the siege countries in the same manner.
Dr al-Marri emphasised on the great understanding and responsiveness of the international community and its support for the position and policies of Qatar, as well as its sympathy with the victims.
He said this support and sympathy were seen throughout his tours and numerous meetings with parliaments and international and regional bodies, which confirmed their support for the values put forward by the National Human Rights Commission.
The chairman stated that there is a continuous co-ordination and co-operation between National Human Rights Committee and these organisations to take the measures necessary to lift the siege, address the violations of human rights and condemn the states that carried it out.
He also confirmed that the Committee has made great efforts since the beginning of the siege to deal with the crisis and remove the violations caused by it, indicating that since the beginning of the current year, the Committee received about 2,053 complaints from residents and citizens regarding different issues of human rights, in addition to 3,932 complaints about violations of the siege imposed on Qatar. Regarding the most important achievements of the Committee during the past year and the plans for the next phase, Dr al-Marri said that the most important achievement is the State’s response to the recommendations made by the Committee previously.
The State issued two laws relating to domestic workers and the establishment of a committee responsible for the settlement of labour disputes. In addition, the State agreed to cancel the exit permit except for the employees who need to notify their employers in advance due to their nature of their work, he added.
Dr al-Marri stressed that the Committee’s priorities in the coming period are to continue monitoring, documenting and publishing humanitarian cases caused by the siege and discussing ways necessary to assist the victims and compensate those affected by the violations.
The Committee will also continue monitoring the human rights situation in the country, he said.

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