Standing by their host nation
December 06 2017 10:59 PM
Sitaram Thapa; Birendra Kumar Sha and Sujendra Shrestha

By Usha Wagle Gautam

To many Nepalis, the ongoing blockade means it is their responsibility to stand by Qatar, the country that has helped them build their lives and careers. Community caught up with a few successful Nepali community members to find out why they call Qatar their second home and what they think about the ongoing Gulf crisis.

Sitaram Thapa
Qatar is my second home and it is the first foreign country where I have worked. I have been here since 2007. In these ten years, I have been able to raise the living standards of my family. I have become socially and economically strong. Before coming here, I used to teach college students in Kathmandu. The pay was meagre. Here, I work in logistics, which was new to me when I came here. But, I gradually got the knack of this field. With my earnings, I have been able to provide a better education to my children. When the news of the blockade spread in June, people across the world were worried. This diplomatic confrontation is bad and has harmed the blockading countries. 
As an employee working in a logistics department, I know that there is no shortage of goods. But, customers may not find some of the brands that they were used to. This is because Qatar is importing goods through different trade routes and from different suppliers. Qatar has managed the situation well. It has supervised the market and has effectively controlled the prices. 
This is also a lesson for developing countries like Nepal, which faced a similar blockade a while back. Nepal can also learn a lesson from Qatar on how to deal with this problem. The solution to this crisis, to me, is diplomatic. The diplomatic solution is also necessary to make FIFA World Cup 2022 successful. As Qatar has contributed to me and my family, it is my responsibility to continue standing by Qatar.

Birendra Kumar Sha
I have working in Qatar for 11 years. Currently, I work as a deputy manager at an engineering and contracting company. I live in Doha with my family. My son and daughter go to a reputed school. Eleven years in Qatar, I have learnt a lot of professional skills and have built a promising career. I am also involved with Nepal Engineers’ Association-Qatar (NEA). 
I remember the first days of blockade – there was a little panic. But then everything became normal. As an acting president of NEA, I would like to express solidarity with Qatar. Qatar is becoming stronger day by day. I praise the development plan of this country, and have high hope for FIFA World Cup 2022.
Sujendra Shrestha
Qatar is my second home, and I feel proud to work in one of the richest countries of the world. I work as an engineer at Almana Company. I started at a governmental department of Building Engineering in 2003. In my career, I have gotten a chance to work with multinational companies. In June, when the news of the blockade broke, we were all sad. Qatar is a very peaceful country – it has worked hard to provide goods of necessity to its people, and has not done anything to aggravate the situation. We hope this diplomatic deadlock will end soon. And we Nepalis will stand by our second home of Qatar.
Kamal Acharya
FIFA World Cup 2022 is a matter of pride for the entire Middle East region, not just for Qatar. So, to me, this blockade is acting against a common Middle Eastern dream of hosting a prestigious sporting event. I have been in Qatar for the last 13 years working as a sales manager. Our company is responsible for providing mega projects with building materials. Qatar has played an important role in changing my economic and social status. I fully support this country and will stand by it.
Hari Chamlagai
I have working as a manager in one of the leading companies for nearly 15 years. Qatar has been my second home. The country has supported me and my colleagues, and in turn we support this country. As soon as the blockade was announced, the country and its people united like a tight knit family. We Nepalis feel happy to be a part of that family. Initially, there were news reports saying that superstores are being crowded and prices of daily goods have been hiked. But, that was not the case. Qatar is showing the countries that imposed the sanctions that it is strong enough to face such an unjustified blockade. 

Govinda Shrestha
I consider June 5 as a bleak day. Flights were halted, borders closed. Immediately, I related this incident with India’s blockade of Nepal in 2015. Nepali people suffered a lot during that blockade. I was, I don’t know why, expecting a similar situation here. I was thinking situation would get worse. It’s been six months since the blockade, but it feels that there is no blockade going on. I support Qatar in every step it takes towards its economic development and prosperity.

Shiva Karki
It has already been 15 years since I came here for the first time. I am working as a security guard. I have seen Qatar progressing on every front in these 15 years. During this blockade, supply of goods has changed a bit – we don’t get some brands. But there is no inflation. To provide necessary goods to its residents without any disruption is a big achievement for Qatar. This country has provided a lot to us and our families. We Nepali workers and our families back home support and respect Qatar.

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