Qatar has maintained a moral high ground over the last six months of the siege, ensuring that people living in the blockading countries are not harmed by the crisis, Ministry of Interior's senior project manager Khalifa Khan told Qatar Urdu Radio’s live show Haqeeqat.

The difference in the approach adopted by Qatar and that of the blockading countries is clear from Qatar’s decision to not shut the gas supply to the UAE, he stated.
“The Dolphin gas pipeline agreement pumps around 2bn cubic feet of gas per day to the UAE but Qatar said it will not shut the gas supply because such a move will cause great harm to the people,” he said.
“Even when the blockading countries were sending Qatari students back, removing Qatari patients from their clinics, among many other harsh and illegal measures, Qatar said they consider the people in the blockading countries of Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain as their brothers and don’t want to cause any financial damage or harm to them,” Khan reiterated.
He also praised the strategic planners in Qatar for taking immediate measures when the illegal and unforeseen siege was imposed.
“Alternate trade routes were formed and local companies were asked to increase their production -- all within 90 days, to ensure that Qatar does not bear any financial losses in the aftermath of the siege. Not only has Qatar succeeded in that goal, it is now in a better economic and strategic position because of its steadfast and pragmatic policies,” Khan said.
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