The Gulf crisis has boosted the confidence of Qatari businessmen and they are ambitiously investing in multiple sectors, Anwar Ali Shah, a senior expert in design and infrastructure, told Qatar Urdu Radio's live show Haqeeqat on Thursday.
"Qatari businessmen now have more confidence. More than 60% of Qatar's export is outside the Gulf region and with the reduced competition from the blockading countries the prospects are looking really bright for local businesses and industries," he said.
"The crisis also helped the government to focus on domestic market and move towards self-sufficiency," he added.
Haqeeqat, which aims to engage and interact with the large South Asian expatriate community in Qatar, is a joint venture of the Gulf Times and Qatar Media Corporation Urdu Radio.
It is broadcast from Sunday to Thursday on FM107. The show is hosted by Saif-ur-Rehman.
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