Students hit by blockade look to other countries for studies
October 07 2017 11:05 PM
The committee office in Doha. PICTURE: Thajudheen
The committee office in Doha. PICTURE: Thajudheen


The Compensation Claims Committee continues to receive complaints and queries from both Qataris and expatriates who have incurred losses due to the unjust blockade imposed on Qatar by Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt, local Arabic daily Arrayah reports.

In particular, a good number of Qatari university students have approached the committee of late to seek redressal, after they were denied access to their place of study in the UAE and Egypt, according to the report.

Some Qatari students were given entry visa to resume their studies in Egyptian universities. However, they were denied entry at the airport by Egyptian authorities on the grounds that they did not have the necessary security approvals.

A considerable number of students have already started looking for alternative places to resume their studies. For this, 12 Jordanian universities have expressed their readiness to receive such students, especially that the curriculum taught by them is similar to that of the Egyptian universities.

Potential losses in the real estate sector account for a large number of complaints received by the committee, as many Qataris had sought to buy villas and apartments in the UAE on instalment. Some of these are still under construction and payment of the next instalment is pending but cannot be submitted due to the current restrictions on monetary transactions by the siege countries. This entails the cancellation of the contracts and loss of the money already paid as instalment.

In addition, some of the real estate units already owned by Qataris in these countries are now left without proper management and upkeep as their owners are not allowed to access them, the daily states. This represents a continuous loss of profit, which the owners would have otherwise made from letting them out and through proper management.

Some Qataris reported to the committee that they wanted to sell such properties but the offers made to them amounted to just a fraction of the market price. Some brokers, it appeared, were looking to exploit the situation.

The complaints are received by the committee along with proper documents substantiating them. These will be filed later in relevant courts by specialised law firms to seek redressal for those affected by the blockade.

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