Two new bridges have been opened at the Airport Interchange (49) to connect northbound and southbound traffic from Al Wakra Road to Al Matar Street and the F-Ring Road.
The opening of the northbound lanes on the bridge enables road users travelling from Al Wakra to Doha to continue directly north towards the Corniche and City Center Doha, and will soon provide a new connection to Hamad International Airport via the F-Ring Road.
Similarly, southbound motorists from Doha to Al Wakra will benefit from direct connectivity and be able to access the G-Ring Road (westbound).
In order to complete construction works and deliver additional connectivity on the Airport Interchange (49), Ashghal is required to close the existing diversion route from Al Wakra Road to Ras Abou Abboud Road. The diversion has been in place since construction of the G Ring Road started but will now be replaced by a new and more efficient alternative provided at the Airport Interchange (49). 
The proposed road closure has been designed in co-ordination with the General Directorate of Traffic and will be implemented from Thursday.
Motorists using the existing diversion from Al Wakra Road to Ras Abou Abboud Road will now be required to continue straight over the new bridge on the Airport Interchange (49) towards F-Ring Road.
At the intersection of Al Matar Street and F-Ring Road, road users can either continue straight on Al Matar Street towards Doha or turn right towards Hamad International Airport. 
Ashghal is anticipating the completion of the Airport Interchange (49) by the end of this month which will deliver full functionality of the interchange and provide direct access to Al Wakra and Doha.
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