100 days of Gulf crisis, Qatar emerges stronger
September 11 2017 12:11 AM
The opening of Hamad Port has been a significant achievement during the siege.
The opening of Hamad Port has been a significant achievement during the siege.


As the blockade of Qatar nears 100 days, the country continues to overcome the challenges and further strengthen its economy, while also winning praise from around the world for the way it has handled the crisis.

Lauding the efforts of the government to counter the blockade, a number of professionals and experts from different fields have stressed that the country has successfully turned the "intended adverse consequences into incentives for more investments and business development", according to local Arabic daily 'Arrayah'.
The government was able to overcome the immediate negative influences on the local market within the first 48 hours of the blockade, they observed, adding that significant achievements have been made since then across various sectors. These include
the official opening of Hamad Port, launch of key projects aimed at boosting food production and boosting the tourism sector.
Qatari lawyer Yousef al-Zaman said the country's capabilities and assets enabled it to render the blockade a failure. These include a strong and stable economy, supported by its status as the world's biggest LNG exporter, and the world's best airline with a fleet of some 200 aircraft that fly to more than 150 destinations around the world.
Al-Zaman stressed that Qatar's has won global respect and admiration for the calm and respectable way in which it has dealt with the crisis, in addition to the show of solidarity by the people for the country and its leadership.
Dr Mahjoob Zweiri, professor of Middle Eastern Studies at Qatar University, said Qatar's efforts have exposed the siege countries and made it clear that the measures taken during the blockade violate international laws and the principles of human rights.
Meanwhile, Qatari lawyer Nayf al-Naama noted that Qatar has defeated the blockading countries legally and politically. Besides, the attempts of these countries to undermine the will of the people of Qatar have also failed, which was clearly visible in the outpouring of love and support for the government and leadership of the country.
Qatari businessman Ibrahim al-Hamdan al-Muhannadi pointed out that after the passage of nearly 100 days of the blockade, the economy has become more solid and more open to the world, while achieving a higher speed of development. Dr Rabia al-Kuwari, professor of Media Studies at Qatar University, said Qatar has handled the crisis with transparency, honesty and a conscience. Besides, the practices of the media in the siege countries have exposed their lies to the entire world.

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