Smart security sys makes container inspection foolproof at Hamad Port
September 06 2017 10:42 PM
Captain Ali Hassan al-Rashid
Captain Ali Hassan al-Rashid is the chief of security systems at Hamad Port. PICTURE: Jayan Orma

Hamad Port is capable of inspecting 24,000 containers per day using high-tech smart security systems installed inside the $7.4bn mega facility, an official of Qatar’s Internal Security Force (Lekhwiya) has said.
Spanning nearly 30sq km, Hamad Port is equipped with smart security systems divided into two types, according to chief of security systems Captain Ali Hassan al-Rashid.
The first system, al-Rashid explained, secures Hamad Port’s interior, while the second one is used for securing imported goods and containers entering Qatar.
“We have the latest technologies and we were also awarded with global certificates for the five inventions used for Hamad Port’s security systems,” al-Rashid told Gulf Times on the sidelines of Hamad Port’s inauguration held Tuesday.
Al-Rashid, who is also commander of security systems and technologies in Lekhwiya, said the inventions include paperless smart tracking and guiding systems, contraband detection, low and high energy x-ray systems, and smart diagnostics for containers.
The smart systems were developed in Qatar, in partnership with international firm Unique Algorithm, according to al-Rashid.
“Once a driver enters the gate, the system will automatically register his plate number, ID, finger print, and photograph. The system will then guide the driver to the customs inspection area.
“After the inspection, the system will inform the drive that he is cleared and ready to leave. Otherwise, there is a secondary inspection where the system will automatically retrieve the previous information about the driver and the goods and container he is delivering,” al-Rashid pointed out.
He added: “Hamad Port also has a fast procedure when detecting contraband. During this procedure, the driver will be asked to stay inside the vehicle and he will be informed of the results of the inspection within seconds.”
In 2014, al-Rashid was instrumental in the creation of a “smart inspection car” for the Hamad International Airport (HIA). The solar-powered vehicle, which is certified environment-friendly and equipped with the latest technology, was developed to boost security systems inside HIA.
The smart car has an X-ray apparatus that can detect and identify any form of contraband such as guns or bladed weapons, drugs, explosives, poisonous or hazardous chemicals and radioactive materials.

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