Russia jails 'sadistic' teens who filmed animal torture
August 25 2017 01:57 PM
Alina Orlova and Alena Savchenko
Alina Orlova and Alena Savchenko


A Russian court on Friday sentenced to jail two "sadistic" teenage girls who filmed themselves torturing and killing animals, investigators said.

The two women took animals to an abandoned building where they shot them with airguns, stamped on them and cut out their eyes, Russian television reported.
"The court established that two friends who were then minors between June and August 2016 systematically treated animals cruelly, using sadistic methods, maiming and killing them," said the Investigative Committee, which handles serious crimes.
The two filmed themselves torturing at least 15 animals including dogs and cats they got from shelters and small ads.
They posted shocking videos including the killing of a puppy on social media, leading to their arrest in 2016.
Alyona Savchenko was sentenced to four years and three months, while Alina Orlova received three years and 10 days after a closed five-month trial in the far eastern city of Khabarovsk, RIA Novosti news agency reported.
The women, who were nicknamed the "Khabarovsk slaughterers" by the media, had pleaded guilty.
Psychiatric reports said they were not suffering from any mental disorders.
Both faced a number of charges over other crimes that emerged during the investigation including robbery, hate crime and offending religious believers, as well as cruel treatment of animals.
In Russia, it is rare for animal cruelty to be severely punished.
Russian television showed the women in the defendants' cage in court. Orlova tried to hide her face from cameras during sentencing.
Their 18-year-old male friend who filmed some of their attacks was sentenced to three years in jail.
Their family members were also fined for "inadequate bringing up of children," an administrative offence.

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