'Siege won't prevent Qatar from developing foreign relations'
August 08 2017 11:46 PM
Qatar's ambassador to Spain Mohamed bin Jaham al-Kuwari


The unjust siege imposed by Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt will not prevent Qatar from developing its relations with the world, Qatar's ambassador to Spain Mohamed bin Jaham al-Kuwari has said. 
In an interview with the Spanish news website Hoy, the Qatari ambassador underlined that the siege violates international laws and human rights, and that the United Nations has taken a clear position against the blockade, which has no real basis or justification.
The ambassador said that the real reason behind the siege is the intention to change Qatar's internal and foreign policy. "They want to control us. They do not want Qatar to be an open and tolerant country," he added.
The ambassador noted that there are more than 150 different nationalities living together in Qatar, including 5,000 Spanish expatriates working in important sectors such as infrastructure, education, sport and health.
The siege countries fabricated artificial accusations, which were not agreed by the United States and Europe and many Arab countries, the ambassador reiterated, noting that Qatar has 11 international universities, and there are mosques and Christian churches.
The ambassador expressed his hope for the development of relations with the Spanish region of Extremadura, which can provide much to Qatar, especially in the field of agriculture and education.
He also expressed Qatar's interest in investing in Spain, and called on the head of the government of Extremadura to visit Qatar with business and trade delegations from the region to meet with Qatari officials and businessmen.
The ambassador believed that the relations in the food sector could be better developed in view of the region's modern agricultural sector and extensive experience in this field, stressing Qatar's keenness to co-operate with Spain in a number of sectors, such as tourism in which Qatar is currently investing heavily.
The ambassador said that Extremadura will hold a meeting, with the participation of 22 ambassadors from Arab countries with diplomatic missions in Spain on October 9 to discuss development and investments, stressing that the Spanish economy is showing good growth and that it is a very important country in Europe.

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