People in Qatar have reiterated their firm support for the country as the blockade imposed by the Saudi-led group completes two months.
Citizens and expatriates from different walks of life have come together to express solidarity with the leadership, whose decisions and actions ensured that the initial challenges posed by the siege were quickly overcome.
The steps taken to retain normalcy across social, economic and other spheres of life included various measures taken through co-ordination among ministries, government agencies, private entities and individuals.
Speaking to local Arabic daily Arrayah, a number of citizens expressed pride in the spirit of solidarity that has prevailed across the country since the blockade began on June 5. This unity has, in fact, grown stronger with every passing day, they said.
The blockade has opened people's minds to new opportunities for the country, especially in terms of business and investment, according to them. The siege has opened up various avenues in sectors such as food, building materials, services, agriculture and others, they point out, noting that the government has provided support and facilities for potential investors to start the production of different types of items as soon as possible.
Similarly, people in the country have grown more aware of the wisdom of their leadership and government in handling tough and unanticipated situations, such as the present one, maintaining stability in the country and ensuring welfare of the people. 
At the same time, a number of Qataris said their confidence in the blockading countries has ebbed and it may not return to pre-siege levels. This despite the fact that people from the GCC states considered the region as one family with mutual interests and a shared destiny.
Nasser al-Swaidi, a citizen, said the blockade has made all inhabitants of Qatar put up a united stand in support of the country, and everyone is right behind the country's wise leadership.
"Our morale is high and we are ready to withstand the blockade forever, defending our sovereignty and independence," he said.
He also pointed that people's awareness about local investments in many fields, whether small or big projects, has gone up and youngsters too have started to look for such opportunities. 
Meshaal al-Ahbabi said the blockade enhanced the importance of local products and the need to look for alternative sources to procure various items. Key measures have been implemented successfully by the government in this regard. Besides, the people's expression of love and support for His Highness the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani through their comments on 'Tamim Al Majd' murals has drawn global attention.
Ahmed al-Muhannadi stressed that the blockade has revealed the real place of Qatar in the world and the support it has got around the world. The fabrications and false accusations against Qatar have fallen apart, exposing the falsehood of the countries that have imposed the blockade.
The blockade experience has further proven that everyone living in Qatar has tremendous love for the country and are ready to exert more efforts to enhance its position, according to citizens.
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