Virtual reality games a big hit at entertainment zone
July 19 2017 01:23 AM
An adult tries out the rides at the VR Park.

Organisers of this year’s Summer Entertainment City at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Centre have seen a noticeable shift in public demand towards virtual reality (VR) gaming in Qatar.
“One of the unique aspects of this year’s event is the wide range of VR games,” QSports founder and CEO Adil Ahmed told Gulf Times.
“We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure children (and adults) have a wide spectrum of new experiences, with the latest VR games at the City,” he said.
Some of these VR games include the flight simulator (air fighter), jet ski, sky diving, flight standing, racing, space trip and fishing (single players), while the HTC VR station, interactive HTC station, VR flight, park, adventure, HTC standing and the 9D VR structure are designed for two or more players.
VR games have become one of the major attractions at the City because of the thrill and excitement they provide to players.
Tickets cost between QR20 and QR25 per person, excluding the entrance fee of QR15 per person.
According to QSports and Qatar Tourism Authority, the City, considered as the centrepiece of the Qatar Summer Festival 2017, features 87 games across 11 categories this year.
Ahmed noted that the entertainment facility evolves each week with new activities and shows with its newest content revolving around sports and competition.
The event also features a 3-on-3 indoor basketball tournament open to men and women of all ages.
Another highlight is Dunkin’ Devils from Europe, “performing their act high above the rim”. In the quest for finding Qatar’s Fastest Bowler, the City has offered a competition for all cricket lovers from across the country to compete for significant cash prizes.
Other activities such as skateboarding, BMX riding and games in the paintball arena (besides the paintball shooting range) also provide a “unique and exciting experience” for those who are looking for thrill and adventure.
The City, which is open daily from 2pm to 11pm, runs until September 5.

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