Qatar's humanitarian organisations have expressed satisfaction on their partnership with United Nations (UN) agencies to provide relief to the Syrian people under the Halab Labeih campaign, noting that it was the result of an initiative of D Ahmed bin Mohamed al-Meraikhi, the UN secretary-general’s humanitarian envoy.

This initiative culminated in the signing of five co-operation agreements to implement humanitarian projects worth $8.5mn in Syria. These involved Qatar Charity, Eid Charity, RAF Foundation, the High Commissioner for Refugees, Unicef, World Food Programme, and the World Health Organisation.
“Now we are signing an agreement between international humanitarian organisations and Halab Labeih campaign in the Third Co-ordination Meeting for Mutual Co-operation,” Almareikhy said.
He noted that the projects will be implemented under the agreements through a humanitarian response plan developed by the UN organisations.
Almareikhy stressed that the humanitarian response so far proved to be limited to protecting and assisting the victims to live with dignity, particularly with the continuing aggravated situation.
On December 18 last year, QC noted that His Highness the Emir Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad al-Thani cancelled the National Day celebrations and instead initiated a fund-raising campaign for the Syrian people. It generated more than $80mn.
Almareikhy then launched on January 17 an initiative to convene a meeting to forge a partnership between international humanitarian organisations and those of Qatar.
QC executive director Yusuf Ahmad al-Kuwari said: “Considering the size of the humanitarian needs of our Syrian brothers, we assert on the importance of co-ordination, co-operation and communication between Qatar humanitarian foundations and UN organisations to maximise the benefit, offer services to the greatest number of the affected and avoid the duplication of humanitarian intervention efforts.”
Eid Charity’s media and resource development sector executive director Nawaf al-Hamadi noted that Halab Labeih will be a new start to establish strong partnership between UN organisations and Qatar humanitarian foundations, considered as the two of the biggest organisations financing the humanitarian needs in Syria.
He said that the size of their intervention under Halab Labeih campaign is QR315mn (around $86mn).

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