A blend of tradition and modernity, which is visible across the country, makes Qatar a top attraction for visitors from GCC countries such as Oman and Kuwait.
A number of citizens from these two countries are in Doha to spend the Eid al-Fitr holidays this year, enjoying the various tourist and cultural attractions on offer. Many of these visitors have expressed solidarity with Qatar in view of the ongoing crisis, stressing how the blockade has raised humanitarian concerns for many families in the Gulf.
Among the favourite destinations of these Omani and Kuwaiti visitors are Souq Waqif and Katara - the Cultural Village, both of which provide a mix of the modern and the traditional. 
They have also been impressed by other tourist attractions and places of interest around the country, as well as the facilities and services provided to visitors.
“I am visiting Qatar for the first time. What I have seen really impresses me...would certainly look forward to coming here again,” said a young tourist from Muscat.
“We have visited a few places and Souq Waqif and Katara are among our favourites. There’s a lot to see and do here during the Eid holidays,” added a visitor from Kuwait City.
Gulf Times also spoke to GCC citizens living in Qatar. 
“I am married to a Qatari woman and have children here in Doha, besides a successful business,” said Abdulrahman, a Kuwaiti national based in Doha. 
“The people of the Gulf are one people... I am enjoying Eid here with my family and Qatari friends. I am proud of the efforts of Kuwait’s leader to resolve the issue, which we all hope will happen soon.”
Recently, an elderly Gulf national posted a video on social media criticising the blockade imposed on Qatar. “I have grandchildren, cousins and in-laws in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, Oman and Kuwait as well as Qatar,” he said. “We have always considered our region as one and we have enjoyed close blood and family ties. This is a temporary and unjustifiable situation. How can I have no access to my relatives and grandchildren? It is unimaginable.”
Many posts on social media by Kuwaiti users suggested that they were strongly backing the efforts of the Kuwaiti Emir to resolve the issue. They also expressed their solidarity with Qatar, stressing it is a place to visit and do business in thanks to its secure economy and prosperity.
Some have also referred to “what the citizens of countries that have cut ties with Qatar are missing out on”. 
“I am sure many of our brothers from the GCC countries that have severed relations with Qatar would have loved to spend the Eid holidays here in Doha and gather in such wonderful places as Katara and Souq Waqif, which are known for their distinct, traditional Gulf identity,” said Ali, a young man from Oman, stressing that he enjoys the Eid holidays in Doha more than in any other place.
Similarly, Salem, a young man from Kuwait, reiterated his admiration for Souq Waqif and its various attractions - which reflect the traditional culture and architecture of the region.
Asked about their views on the blockade, a number of Kuwaitis and Omanis - whether visitors or residents - emphasised that Qatar has always been a key player in the region with its positive outlook. The current situation “could not be justified on any grounds as the GCC has always been one family and should remain so in the best interests of everyone concerned”, said some of them.

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