The Ministry of Municipality and Environment's (MME) Centre for Municipal and Environmental Studies and the Centre for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have launched the electronic inspector programme for MME inspectors and supervisors.

The programme would enable municipality inspectors to register various types of violations electronically without having to fill in several paper forms. It is also part of achieving the aims of the MME regarding the implementation of online services in all its transactions.

Dr Mohamed Saif al-Kuwari, director, Centre for Municipal and Environmental Studies, said that the new electronic system aims at raising the capabilities of municipality inspectors enabling them to spot the various violations they encounter during their daily inspection tours on different buildings and places, which cover the fields of construction, food, excavations, farms, fisheries, livestock, public cleaning and other issues.

The electronic inspector programme will enable MME's employees concerned to completely do away with the usual paper forms. Accordingly, they would enter the targeted violation, the related laws and regulations, and the calculation of the fine for this electronically. Besides, the programme allows them to take photos or video clips of the violation in question and attach it to the report. Also, the programme has an inbuilt GPS to determine the location of the violation automatically. In addition, the programme is linked to a related data base at the MME.

An agreement has been made between the Centre for Municipal and Environmental Studies and GIS to train all the municipality inspectors concerned on the programme and the first stage of training would start with 106 food inspectors from the different municipalities around the country.

The new programme has been linked with the Ministry of Economy and Commerce data base, as the entity that issues commercial licenses.