Extreme sports community bats for safe play, healthy lifestyle
April 21 2017 09:51 PM
A BMX biker taking off from the platform.
A BMX biker taking off from the platform.

The rising number of extreme sports enthusiasts in Qatar has led to the creation of a big community that aims to promote not only an active and healthy lifestyle but also safe sports, it is learnt.

“Usually for BMX and skateboard (enthusiasts), among others, they have their own group, but now, they are one big community, and they became friends and plan things together,” Xtork extreme sports magazine managing director and founder Hassan al-Hassan told Gulf Times.
He was speaking on the sidelines of an extreme sports competition at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Centre, a side event at the Qatar Motor Show (QMS) 2017, which concludes Saturday.

Al-Hassan said Xtork, a Qatari magazine launched in March 2016, focuses on mountain biking, BMX biking, long board, skateboarding, wakeboarding, and “the whole extreme sports platform”.
“Enthusiasts and players are popping up from everywhere, which is great, they are enjoying their time, and we want more to come up,” he stressed, as he encouraged young people to take part in their activities.
Al-Hassan said it was their first time to build a customised park, which cater to extreme sports, including Parkour (also known as free running) and light skating.
The event at QMS 2017 provides a good opportunity for extreme sports enthusiasts to showcase their skills, which also aimed at inspiring young residents and visitors.
By featuring and telling the stories of players through print and online platforms, al-Hassan expressed confidence that more people will become interested in these kinds of sports.
“If a seven-year-old is watching now and sees these people, he gets inspired, and inspiration is key. Now, it is a good thing that BMX and skateboarding are integrated in the Olympics,” he added.
He hopes that someone from Qatar will represent the country in the 2020 Olympics in Japan, or in any major sports competition in the future.
“Our plan does not stop here, we always have initiatives,” he said, hoping to organise more events and activities with the support of the community. “We come up with ideas that are customised for this.”
Al-Hassan said he was delighted to see increasing participation at the competition, noting that from 60 registrants, the number has increased to nearly 100 as of yesterday.
He pointed out that they also highlight safety in doing extreme sports – using safety and protective gear, and wearing proper clothing.
No helmet means no ride at any event or practice session.
“We are very strict on this,” he stressed.

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