Moon coming close to three planets in April
April 09 2017 11:42 PM

Residents of Qatar and other countries in the region can observe three planets of the solar system close to the moon this month, Qatar Calendar House has said.
Each of these phenomena is important as there are good chances of viewing the planets along with the moon at the same time, it can help validate astronomical calculations and be a guide for amateur astronomers, noted astronomer Dr Beshir Marzouk has explained.
The first of these phenomena will take place tomorrow, when the biggest planet - Jupiter - will be “at two degrees from the southern full moon’s centre at 12.20am”, according to Dr Marzouk. Residents of the country and the region can view Jupiter and the moon together with their naked eye on this occasion. People in Qatar will be able to see Jupiter and the moon over the southwest Doha sky around sunrise
time (5.16am).
On April 16, Saturn will be nearest to moon by three degrees to the southern moon’s centre at 10pm Doha local time. People in Qatar can see Saturn and the moon over the eastern horizon of Doha after Saturn’s rising time – 10.30pm.
Finally, Venus will be near the moon on April 23 by five degrees to the northern moon’s centre at 9pm Doha time. Qatar residents can observe Venus and the moon together in the dawn sky. Sunrise in Doha will be at 5.05am that day.

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