Belt up for Doha's ‘most unusual’ food adventure
April 06 2017 09:34 PM
Dinner in the Sky
Dinner in the Sky is a popular attraction at Qatar International Food Festival. PICTURES: Jayan Orma

By Aulty Basil/Web Editor

Strapped into racing car-like seats and lifted 50m into the air by a crane, Dinner in the Sky is arguably Doha’s most unusual foodie experience.
A key attraction of Qatar International Food Festival (QIFF), Dinner in the Sky offers a 360-degree panoramic view overlooking the city skyline, complemented by Doha’s finest cuisine prepared by Four Seasons Hotel chefs.
It has been a signature experience at QIFF for the past five years, organised by Qatar Tourism Authority in co-operation with Skop Group, the exclusive franchisee of Dinner in the Sky in the Middle East.
The dining platform can seat up to 22 guests and five staff members, including a chef. The platform also rotates to give diners a full 360-degree experience.

Dinner in the Sky offers a 360-degree panoramic view. 

A safety crew member straps each person with a harness over the shoulder and around the waist. There is a minimum height requirement of 140cm to make sure that guests can be strapped to the seat properly. 
Once everyone is strapped in, the crane slowly lifts the platform into the air. It takes about 10 minutes to get to the 50m mark, and it’s pretty smooth. The table floats in the air with minimal movement. As some of the diners around the table looked nervous because they were afraid of heights, the host assured everyone that they have not had a single safety blip in more than a decade of operations.
One, though, needs to be a bit careful when taking selfies by stretching their hand outside the platform. This is because if the phone falls, it will go a long way down and suffer irreversible damage. Fortunately, no one dropped a phone -- or knife -- during the time (around 45 minutes) they were dining in the air.
Dinner in the Sky is designed in accordance with German TUV norms, one of the toughest safety certifications worldwide. “This obsession with safety is probably one of the reasons why Dinner in the Sky is now operating in more than 58 countries since 2006,” according to a statement from the franchisee.
Selected by Forbes as one of the 10 most unusual restaurants in the world, Dinner in the Sky is a concept that started in Belgium and has since travelled across the globe, serving “sky-meals” to thousands of people.
The Four Seasons Dinner in the Sky offering in Doha features a curated three-course menu with starters such as sweet lime chili sea scallop, smoked salmon tartar with dill cream and beetroot mutabbal.
For the main course, one can choose from grilled Angus beef tenderloin with corn emulsion, baby vegetables and thyme sauce; grilled baby chicken, spring vegetables and sage jus; and vegetable lasagne with Roma tomatoes and grana padano.
The dessert consists of white chocolate passion fruit mousse with berries, chocolate crumble, mango and raspberry.
While you indulge, the crew on board, all harnessed, are happy to take the pictures.

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