The second season of Magical Festival Village, located along the Katara Beach Front, is offering “great discounts” and competitive prices on luxury products and international brands showcased in the 357 outlets within its premises.

Ezdan World Company, which manages the village, said the products on offer include shoes, bags, women's supplies, furniture, antiques, technical supplies, and the latest fashion trends.
Ezdan World Company general manager Abdul Aziz al-Mohannadi said: “The large turnout witnessed by the village is due to it being the largest tourism and shopping destination in Qatar, as well as the good timing of the village’s second season that came in conjunction with the tourism and shopping festival in Qatar.
“The facilities we have made available to the village exhibitors and outlets also played a key role the remarkable turnout of visitors from every corner of Qatar.
“We have seen an increasing number of visitors to the village who enjoy the great discounts and competitive prices offered by the said global brands, especially women’s brands.”
Al-Mohannadi said that most of the outlets are offering special prices.
He also said that most of international companies with outlets at the village come from India, the UAE, China, and Germany, who have collectively rented more than 80 commercial outlets.
Al-Mohannadi said this indicates the volume of global demand for the village as a family entertainment project that promotes tourism and shopping in Qatar and enhances its position in the world tourism map.
“The facilities provided by the village have been made for exhibitors to overcome all the obstacles associated with the exhibition spaces and rental procedures.
“We have provided favourable conditions for the rental of the outlets, including the possibility of direct contracting through the village site.
“We have also cancelled the rental deadlines to open the door of contracting to more than one unit and granted larger spaces for exhibitors.
“We have given our customers the freedom to market and present their products to the public without any restrictions that may limit how or where they would advertise or promote their products, allowing them to take advantage of the village’s large space and climate.”
The “Magical Festival Village” project, which runs until April 30, stands on a 50,000sq m area in the heart of Katara the Cultural Village, and aims to be the biggest entertainment attraction locally and regionally.
It also features some 200 games and entertainment shows, and features large areas customised for commercial outlets, cafes, and restaurants in the style of a European countryside.

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