College of the North Atlantic-Qatar (CNA-Q) recognised 155 Qatari students in its technician preparatory programme (TPP) for completing their certificate credentials.
The graduates, sponsored by local industrial establishments, are now qualified to work as technicians in Qatar’s energy and industry sector (E&I), according to CNA-Q.
“For the past decades, Qatar Petroleum (QP) and the E&I sector have prioritised building the capacity of Qatari youth among the highest regarded strategic priorities,” QP’s human capital executive vice president Abdulaziz Mohamed al-Mannai said.
“Massive efforts have joined to ensure the successful implementation of the integrated plans designed to develop a capable Qatari workforce, nurture them to internationally recognised standards,” he noted.
“Our ultimate aim is to integrate Qatari youth into all levels in the E&I sector companies, and provide them with progressive career opportunities, through which they can contribute to achieving the sustainable development process in the State of Qatar,” he stressed.
The TPP started in 2005 when CNA-Q assumed the technical training programme for QP. In the past decade, the programme has grown to graduate over 1,650 technicians who now work with more than 20 industry partners in four disciplines: mechanical, instrumentation, electrical and process operation.
“We are very proud of the personal and educational development of each of these students, who will now take their place in the workforce to contribute towards Qatar’s National Vision 2030,” CNA-Q president Dr Ken MacLeod said.
“This technician programme is a hallmark of our College and a testament to the responsiveness of our programming to prepare students with the technical skills to support and advance the State’s E&I sector,” he added.
Since opening in 2002, CNA-Q has grown to offer more than 30 diploma and certificate programmes, graduating over 4,500 alumni from its technician programme, as well as from its Schools of Engineering Technology, Health Sciences, Information Technology and Business Studies.  
This year marks the 15th academic year that CNA-Q has been providing technical education in Qatar to support the State’s strategic vision to educate, develop and retain young Qataris.