The Traffic Engineering and Safety Department at the General Directorate of Traffic is implementing a number of road projects in Doha, in co-ordination with the Public Works Authority (Ashghal), to enhance traffic flow on Qatar’s roads and develop alternative routes.
Expressing satisfaction over the success of recently-completed road and bridge projects, Traffic Engineering and Safety Department director Brigadier Mohamed Marafi stressed that these projects “provide a great service” for motorists and pedestrians as envisioned by the Ministry of Interior (MoI).
Brigadier Marafi said once the new roads and bridges are handed over to his department, it will supervise traffic on these roads.
The department is responsible for assessing traffic flow as well as taking corrective measures for engineering errors that may impede the smooth flow of vehicles, he explained in a report published on the MoI website.
He observed that before allowing traffic on any of the new roads, intersections, bridges or tunnels, the department evaluates the designs and maps of the projects.
“It will propose exits and entrances to facilitate the free movement of vehicles and reduce bottlenecks. On completion of the projects, the department will check engineering works before opening them for traffic," he added.
Further, Brigadier Marafi said two lanes of Duhail Street, one in the direction of Doha from Duhail and another to Al Shamal, have been opened so far. "The bridge has shortened the distance by nearly 6km, helping vehicles coming from the north," he noted.
One of the 19 interchanges planned on Shamal Road will be at Junction 5, connecting Duhail Street to Shamal Street in the direction of Doha.