Rayyan Municipality that includes Sheehaniya registered the highest number of building permits issued in July with 103, the Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics (MDPS) figures show.
This represents 28% of the total permits issued in Qatar last month, the ministry said.
Doha Municipality came second with 84 permits (23%) followed by Al Wakrah with 66 permits (18%) and Al Da'ayen 48 (13%).
The building permits issued by other municipalities in July were: Al Khor 38 (10%), Umm Salal 25 (7%), and Al Shamal five (1%).
In terms of type of permits issued, data indicates that the new building permits (residential and non-residential) constituted 62% (230 permits) of the total building permits issued during July.
MDPS said “additions permits” constituted 35% (129) and fencing permits 3% (10).
An analysis of the new residential buildings permits showed that villas’ permits topped the list and accounted for 62% (126 permits) of all new residential buildings permits. Some 10 permits for apartment buildings were also issued last month.
On the other hand, 11 permits for commercial buildings were issued in July and comprised 41% of the total, followed by “industrial” buildings such as workshops and factories – nine permits (33%), mosques – four (15%) and government buildings – three (11%).
However, the MDPS figures indicate that the number of building permits issued last month was 31% lower than those issued in June.
This is a seasonal trend and also due to Eid al-Fitr holidays, which lasted 11 days when all activities related to issuance of building permits came to a halt.
MDPS said the decrease was noted in all municipalities as follows - Doha 35%, Rayyan 40%, Wakrah 23%, Umm Slal 42%, Al Daayen 19%, Al Khor 3% and Al Shamal 38%.
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