Eid al-Fitr festivities kicked off on Wednesday with thousands of residents and visitors attending a number of cultural and entertainment programmes in different parts of the country.
A slew of events had been organised for the expatriate communities at several venues such as Asian Town at Industrial Area, Wakra Sports Club and Barwa Workers Sports Complex in Al Khor Industrial Area.
Hundreds gathered at Asian Town where a number of cultural programmes by Indian, Sri Lankan, Nepalese and Korean expatriate groups were performed. The events included music, folk and cinematic dances, dramas as well as a DJ music show.
Large crowds gathered at the venue well in advance as they feasted on a number of entertaining events free of charge. There were opportunities for the audience to interact with the performers and even showcase their talents. There were also raffle draws which offered attractive prizes.
A Bangaladeshi worker who had reached the venue well ahead of the start of the programme said, “This is my first Eid in Qatar. I came here early this year and I am happy that we have such programmes. Though the weather is hot, I am happy to sit through and enjoy each and every item of the programme.”
Indian community organisations such as Sanskriti Qatar, Thirumuttam, Vishwakalavedi and Bangiya Parishad performed various cultural and traditional dances and shows entertaining the crowd. In addition, a team from the Skills Development Centre showcased programmes such as Arabic dance and Indian folk dance and the SDC Music Club staged a musical show.
The Sri Lankan community members presented songs, dramas, Sri Lankan folk dances while the Korean community showcased a Korean DJ music show.
The Nepalese community arranged several performances such as songs, group dances and folk and traditional shows. Khatang samaj, Magar samaj, Bishwakarma samaj and Fewa Cultural Family took the lead in organisng the programmes.
Festivities were held in the football stadium of Wakra Sports Club for the Pakistani community in which Pakistani artists such as Khalid Malak, Hashmat Sahar, Gul Nawaz, Zardad Bulbul, Khalidah Yasmin, Nadiya Gul, Radmi and Mina Gul performed.

A folk song being performed by an Indian organisation

The celebration of Bangladeshi community was held at the indoor football stadium of Wakra Sports Club which started with a speech on Ramadan and Eid and followed by Islamic songs. There was also cultural programmes to entertain the audience.
The programmes included performances by local musical groups including Srabon, Chironton Baul, Probashi Baul, Bongabondhu Shanskritik Jote, Aotopar as well as dances by children and a performance by a comedy troupe.
During the event, the audience had the opportunity to take part in a singing and dancing competition and win attractive prizes.
In Al Khor Industrial Area, the Barwa Group organised several activities targeting the employees of companies, their families as well as the workers along with the general public, at the Barwa Workers Sports Complex.
The two-day celebrations will end on Thursday with a number of programmes at these venues.
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